Monday, October 27, 2014

One Last Halloween Hurrah!

I'm so excited for Halloween, but I will miss all the Halloween themed and spooky manicures. So I decided to share one last manicure and tutorial with you. I recently tried water spotting and found it to be pretty fun and fairly easy, so lets get to it!

I wanted to share this simple splatter look I did for the holiday. I used Essie Cocktails And Coconuts as the base and found a perfect blood red with Color Club Red-ical Gypsy.

You're going to need: 
A perfume or spray that contains alcohol
A bowl or cup filled with room temperature water. Make sure its a bowl or cup that you're okay with getting polish in.
A base color and a color you want spotted.
Some toothpicks or an orange stick to clear polish from the water.

After you've applied your base color and let it dry, drop your spotting polish on top of the water. It should spread out into a clear, thin layer on top of the water. Don't mind my messy polish experiment bowl, haha.

Now take your perfume or spray. Holding it a few inches from the water, spray once. This should create holes in the layer of polish, making it spotted!

You'll want to do this next step a little quickly, otherwise your polish will get distorted and won't be spotted anymore. Make sure your nail hits the water flat, so that the layer of polish connects with your nail. Once your finger tip is submerged, use your toothpick or orange stick to clear the extra polish away from your finger and remove it from the water.

I highly suggest protecting the area around your nails, otherwise you end up with a mess like this. Here's the effect all finished! 

I decided to layer another spotted coat on my index, middle and ring. The second layer really added more coverage! I would love to experiment with multiple layers and colors. 

 Here is the finished look, I think it turned out pretty neat. A fun way to get he spotted effect and just in time for Halloween!