Friday, October 3, 2014

Tutorial: 3D Dots

Since I'm still pretty busy with school, I decided I'd post a quick and easy 3D dots tutorial! Its one of my favorite manicures to do if I want to add some pop to what could be a plain color.

What you'll need to do the two-tone look I did is Scotch tape, a dotting tool (the tip of a pin or a bobby pin may work), two base colors, a black creme color and a white creme color.

For my two-tone look I paint my thumb, index and middle one color. Then I paint my pinky and ring finger. Once the middle finger is completely dry, you place a line of Scotch tape down the center and paint your second color and peel. A tip I always use it to place the tape on the back of your hand a few times to get any extra glue off, which prevents your tape from taking the polish with it once you pull it up!

The next step is to place black polka dots across your nails, giving them time to dry completely. Patience may be hard, but it beats getting a grey blob if you try to place your white over your wet black dots. 

Once your black dots are dry, you can place your white dots over them. The trick here is to place your white polka dots slightly to the right and up, which creates the 3D effect!

Here is the finished look! If you're adventurous enough, you can experiment with colors instead of black and white. I also think smaller dots would look just as cute!

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