Saturday, October 18, 2014

Quick Post: Halloween Glitter Gradient Tutorial

What kind of Halloween would it be without a black and orange manicure?

To start, you'll need a base color, glitter and a creme color similar to your glitter. I went with Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire as my base, Sally Hansen Midnight Glitz and Sinful Colors Dark Room. Don't forget your make-up wedge!

Once your base color is dry, take the creme color that is a similar color to your glitter and sponge it on. Since Midnight Glitz has black glitters, I used Dark Room.

Keep on sponging until its mostly opaque. I use this technique so that your glitter will blend in and you won't have to sponge on a bunch of layers of glitter to fill in space. Its okay if the creme color isn't straight or perfect, because you'll be layering glitter over it!

Now you can start sponging on your glitter to create the gradient effect. You can sponge on as little or as much as you want! You can see after sponging on some glitter that the creme color really helps it look opaque.

Here is the finished look! I really love doing glitter gradients, they're always so easy and since there's no order or design to go by its hard to mess it up.

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