Monday, July 7, 2014

What A Beach!

Summer is in full swing and I am definitely in the spirit! Its one of the best seasons for bright, cheery nail art in all colors and themes. I've gotten quite a burst of inspiration from the beach and sea lately! I've also had an urge to wear more teal and vibrant blues this Summer.

One of the teals I've been lusting after most is Rainbow Honey Tidal Wave, its such a gorgeous color. I did layer Rainbow Honey Bubble Beam over it to give it a little more shimmer and blue tint. The combination is really breathtaking and creates a beautiful ocean background for my coral sea stars. The stars were originally gold studs that I painted with Sinful Colors Island Coral. For my accent, I used Beautifully Disney Ocean Mist as a base and hand placed matching green hexes to resemble a scaled mermaid tail. 

I've seen variations of this manicure all over lately and have wanted to try it. I am the worst at water marbling, but this was much easier! I used Maybelline Day Glow Teal as my ocean blue and water spotted Sinful Colors Wisp over it. Water spotting is a technique I've seen around lately where instead of marbling you spritz alcohol or perfume on the polish in the water. A chemical reaction causes the tears and holes, which creates this awesome effect! I wanted to add a little sand and Zoya Godiva was the perfect color and texture! I sponged a few layers on and fell in love with the result. I added a turtle and sand dollar charm for some pizzazz!