Monday, July 28, 2014

Glass Glitter, Who Knew?

A few weeks ago I decided to head over to Michael's craft store and try to get some nail art inspiration. I came across this pack of glass glitter in little vials that looked really interesting, so I decided to give them a try! I found out the hard way that the process was really tedious, but the pay off was totally worth it.

The silver glass glitter reminded me so much of a shattered mirror. I hand placed them over Sinful Colors Dark Room, which took quite a bit of time. It was absolutely worth it because they turned out really awesome looking! I wore this manicure for about a week before one of the nails popped off, but I would definitely do this again.

The black glass glitter immediately had me thinking of rock over lava. Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire and Rainbow Honey Fire Spring together made a great glowing orange. After I hand placed the glass glitter I realized that it wasn't opaque and didn't quite look right. So I went back in with black acrylic paint and hand painted each tiny piece. The brush strokes make the pieces look that much more like charred rock and brought out the orange perfectly! I left off top coat because I thought the shine would ruin the effect. 

Although the task of placing the glass glitter takes awhile to get the hang of and every time I'm working on a manicure I want to quit, in the end its always worth it. If you have patience for manicures I highly suggest checking out glass glitter! 

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