Monday, July 14, 2014

Beautifully Disney Curiouser & Curiouser

I've always loved the story and whimsy of Alice In Wonderland. The Disney movie is what I grew up with and the colors were always stunning. Beautifully Disney did not disappoint with this collection! I only wish they would've released more colors based on Alice In Wonderland, but the four they did release are gorgeous.

Tis' Brillig is a cream colored texture with golden shimmer with a hint of pink. Its beautiful in the bottle and even more so on the nail! Three coats was all it took for opacity and the formula is easy to work with. I tried layering some top coat over this color, but its truly meant to be textured.

This Way, That Way is a lovely light periwinkle cream. I'd have to say this is one of my favorite blues. You could get away with two coats, but I used three just to make sure it was opaque. It does remind me of Alice's dress, although I think it may have been a bit darker.

Non Sensical is a shimmer packed fuchsia. I would say this color is more suited to be a top coat, its pretty sheer and took four coats to become opaque. I could see it looking great over a purple or even black! Since it is pretty stunning on its own, I can only imagine how amazing it would look paired with another color.

Who Are You? is a gorgeous shimmer filled olive green. Like Non Sensical, I would say this is more of a top coat. You can get away with three coats, but I used four to be sure of the opacity. This color definitely reminds me of the Mad Hatter, even though the name is dialog from the caterpillar. I'm anxious to see what Beautifully Disney releases next!

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