Friday, June 6, 2014

Quick Post: Revlon Pebbled Textures

Thought you've seen all the textures there are? Think again! Revlon recently released their new Pebbled Texture collection and they're packing a punch of glitter! Not all of the colors were calling me, but I did pick up two out of the collection. 

Caribbean Cove is a full of white, black and shades of gray glitters to create a unique texture. I tried four coats on its own for opacity, but you can see near the tips of my nails there are empty spaces. I did try to layer top coat over it, but this collection is strictly to be textured.

Balinese Bay is a gorgeous mix of fuchsia, purple and black glitters. This color did a little better with four coats by itself. The texture of these aren't super soft, but they're not rough enough to be irritating. The two colors I have I really enjoy and would love to see more color combinations in the future!

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