Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beautifully Disney Pop Of Minnie

That's right, I have more Beautifully Disney swatches to share with you all! Pop Of Minnie came out at the beginning of this year in January and brought some beautiful polish colors with it. With a very bright, mod and pop art style this collection definitely shines!

Dots Or Nothing is a black and white hex glitter top coat. It packs one heck of a punch in one coat! I used Color Club Endless Summer as a base color, which really brings out the contrast of the glitters. I'm extremely impressed with this one coat glitter and its so cute!

Oh Mod Mouse is a vibrant neon yellow with a very faint hint of lime green.  As with most yellow polishes it was a bit streaky, but after four coats it looks smooth. This color is not usually my style, but its just so beautiful and has such a great pop to it!

Orang' You Cute is a nice juicy orange creme. It went on easily in three coats and is a perfect color for a monarch manicure. The formula of this color was really smooth and I had no trouble with streaks.

Poptimistic is a radiant neon bubblegum pink. Easily opaque in three coats and ready to shine! Another amazing collection from Disney and they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. One thing I would like to see from them in the future though are more purples and glitters! 


  1. These are great summer colors! I love the Beautifully Disney polishes!

    1. Me too! Disney and nail polish, what more could you ask for? :D