Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nicole By OPI Roughles

Now I know this collection has been all over and everyone is probably moving on to the next texture, but I was a little late on it and wanted to swatch them anyway! The thing that sets the  Roughles collection apart from other textured polishes is that each one has flecks of different colors in them.

Rock The Look is a sweet strawberry pink with what looks like black and darker pink flecks in it. Two coats went on smooth and gives you complete opacity. I really love the tone of this color, it reminds me of those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars!

On What Grounds? is a refreshing mint with dark blue and brown flecks. Two coats worked great for opacity again. The choice of colors flecks are spot on, this combo makes me think of a speckled egg!

Sand In My Shoe is a vibrant yellow with orange flecks. Two coats seems to be the way to go for all of this collection, which is nice. This color combo is perfect, I'm not usually a fan of the two colors separately, but together they look so pretty!

I'm Stucco On You is a gorgeous lavender with blue and reddish-brown flecks. Of course this was also a two coat color as well. Honestly, I'm such a fan of how they did the colored flecks. It really brings more to the color and even adds to the textured look!


  1. I haven't moved on from these either! Mostly because I haven't bought them yet ha ha. They are some of the best textured polishes I've seen.

    1. They are really nice, I also really love Zoya Pixie Dusts and just recently tried out Revlon Pebble Texture. :D