Sunday, May 11, 2014

L'Oreal Le Pastille Speckles

Nothing excites me more than a ton of glitter dumped into a crelly! L'Oreal recently released two glitter crellies for Spring. I picked them up as soon as I could find them, which took a little running around. I was surprised that Le Pastille was a lot harder to find than Spot Me, but here are swatches of both lovely colors.

Le Pastille is a gentle pinky nude crelly with black hexes of all sizes. You can easily get away with three coats for opacity, but I used four just to be sure. The variety of hex sizes is really great with these colors and the biggest hexes didn't fold at all.

One layer of matte top coat and this color looks just like delicious cookies and cream ice cream! Yum!

Spot Me is a soft baby blue crelly with black hexes of varying sizes. This color can also get away with three coats for opacity, but I used four. My absolute favorite part of glitter crellies is being able to see the layers of glitters through the base color, so oddly satisfying!

The matte top coat makes this color that much creamier and reminds me of a robin's egg. Honestly, I will never grow tired of speckled polishes, they're just too gorgeous!


  1. I love this polish! I've worn it a bunch of times since I bought it :)

    1. Same! I swear speckled polishes are my obsession. :D