Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Just Got Studded!

Yes, I'm still on a neon kick for Summer. I came across more vibrant inspiration with my wheel of neon studs and decided to try out a few looks!

I may not be able to do a regular color gradient, but nothing can stop me from a sparkling glitter gradient! Butter London Cake-hole is a favorite pink of mine and ever since I was able to get Salon Perfect Kaboom, I've been obsessed with it. I sponged on a bit of Revlon Sunlit Grass before Kaboom, just to blend the glitters in a little better. I liked the idea of randomly placing studs, it didn't turn out quite how I pictured itz, but it still looks neat!

One of my all time favorite shades of blue is Color Club Bright Night, which just so happens to look amazing with some neon studs! The necklace placement turned out really nicely, but the accent nail design was so much fun to create and I'm really loving it.

I decided to see how it looked under my UV lamp and it turned out awesome! I love that the studs glow so bright in contrast with the neon blue.

Despite how tedious this design turned out to be, it was most definitely worth it! I hand placed each stud over Sinful Colors Wisp and even cut a few for the edges. Would I spend a few hours doing this look all over again? Uh...yeah of course!

Another awesome look under my UV lamp, like tiny lights all over my nails. I think I'll start making it a habit to check more manicures under my UV lamp, just to see if there's a cool effect!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nicole By OPI Roughles

Now I know this collection has been all over and everyone is probably moving on to the next texture, but I was a little late on it and wanted to swatch them anyway! The thing that sets the  Roughles collection apart from other textured polishes is that each one has flecks of different colors in them.

Rock The Look is a sweet strawberry pink with what looks like black and darker pink flecks in it. Two coats went on smooth and gives you complete opacity. I really love the tone of this color, it reminds me of those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars!

On What Grounds? is a refreshing mint with dark blue and brown flecks. Two coats worked great for opacity again. The choice of colors flecks are spot on, this combo makes me think of a speckled egg!

Sand In My Shoe is a vibrant yellow with orange flecks. Two coats seems to be the way to go for all of this collection, which is nice. This color combo is perfect, I'm not usually a fan of the two colors separately, but together they look so pretty!

I'm Stucco On You is a gorgeous lavender with blue and reddish-brown flecks. Of course this was also a two coat color as well. Honestly, I'm such a fan of how they did the colored flecks. It really brings more to the color and even adds to the textured look!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Neon Inspiration!

I'm sure everyone is ready and waiting for this Summer to come around! I know I'm eager to get my hands on new Summer neon collections that are coming out. For now, I gathered up some of the neons I already own and decided to make some inspiration manicures to make any Summer brighter!

One of the most fun styles to create is a splatter manicure! There's really no way to go wrong with this messy nail art and just look at the awesome end result. I always use white as my base color, so that the other colors stand out. For this combination I used: Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire, Sinful Colors Savage, Essie The More The Merrier, Color Club Mrs. Robinson and Butter London Cake-hole.

Another favorite of mine is the interlocking dot manicure. I wanted to do each nail a different combination to show just how versatile this manicure can be. If you have scotch tape, a dotting tool and some patience for dry time, then this manicure is easy! Colors from thumb to pinky: China Glaze Shocking Pink, Butter London Cake-hole, Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Sinful Colors Pull Over, Essie The More The Merrier, Color Club Abyss, Sinful Colors Savage, Color Club Bright Night and Color Club Mrs. Robinson.

A new favorite of mine is the 3D dot manicure. On a whim I decided to divide my nails between two colors and meet on the middle finger, which turned out really neat! This manicure is the easiest because its just layered dots to create a 3D effect. I used China Glaze Shocking Pink and Color Club Wham! Pow! I will definitely be rocking this style throughout the Summer.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

L'Oreal Le Pastille Speckles

Nothing excites me more than a ton of glitter dumped into a crelly! L'Oreal recently released two glitter crellies for Spring. I picked them up as soon as I could find them, which took a little running around. I was surprised that Le Pastille was a lot harder to find than Spot Me, but here are swatches of both lovely colors.

Le Pastille is a gentle pinky nude crelly with black hexes of all sizes. You can easily get away with three coats for opacity, but I used four just to be sure. The variety of hex sizes is really great with these colors and the biggest hexes didn't fold at all.

One layer of matte top coat and this color looks just like delicious cookies and cream ice cream! Yum!

Spot Me is a soft baby blue crelly with black hexes of varying sizes. This color can also get away with three coats for opacity, but I used four. My absolute favorite part of glitter crellies is being able to see the layers of glitters through the base color, so oddly satisfying!

The matte top coat makes this color that much creamier and reminds me of a robin's egg. Honestly, I will never grow tired of speckled polishes, they're just too gorgeous!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gearing Up For Summer

Oh my goodness have I been having a heck of a time being sick! A few weeks ago I had gotten a respiratory infection, which I suffered through and loaded up on antibiotics. I had started to feel better on Friday and suddenly got very unlucky and caught the flu. I was attempting to stay away from polish fumes for awhile until I felt better, but its been way too long and I'm only falling further behind.

First off I have a quick little manicure I did a week ago, its super cute. I also have some swatches from Sinful Colors' Summer collection to show you. So let's get to it!

Ever since I came across Deborah Lippmann I'm Not Edible, I've had the idea of creating a watermelon manicure. I tried a bit of a ruffian manicure with Sinful Colors Pistache and I just love it! The pastels are a nice way to tone down the Summer feel and turn it into more of a Spring manicure.

Curry Up is a gorgeous Summer chartreuse with added blue shimmer and hidden iridescent specks. It only took two coats for this color to go opaque. I was hesitant to grab this color because I have a ton of chartreuse already, but the shimmer and specks sold me on it!

Peppered Amazon is a vibrant green teal with silver shimmer sprinkled in. Two coats for opacity and a smooth formula with this color. Another favorite shade of mine that I couldn't pass up. Come on, we all know any little difference in a color means its okay to buy it!

Lively In Lilac is a lovely dark purple jelly with orange copper hex glitters in it. It would've been too hard to get opaque on its own, so I did three coats over China Glaze Light As Air. I'm usually not a fan of orange, but it looks fantastic with the purple jelly!

Embers Only is a spicy hot red with silver shimmer and hexes throughout. It was a tiny bit sheer, but three hefty coats was perfect for opacity. I am living for this color and would love to see it paired with a gold!