Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sorry For The Disappearing Act!

The title says it all, I managed to disappear for two whole weeks and I'm sorry for that. I became so tied up with finals, appointments, family and getting ridiculously sick. First of all, I was able to finish my first two classes for Nail Tech and get passing grades. Secondly, I finally got myself some glasses (Which are taking some getting used to), so no more nearsighted blur! And third, whatever has me so sick feels a million times worse because I have asthma. Which is also why I haven't been posting much, polish fumes don't mix well with asthma as it is. Heh.

Before my classes ended though, I managed to do this manicure for my Intro to Cosmo final. We had a group project on ancient Egyptian makeup routines. Queens like Cleopatra and Nefertiti would dip their finger tips in henna to dye the nails a nice blood red. Seeing as that would cause some major staining, I just went with Sinful Colors Aubergine instead! I also added some sandy pyramids with Rainbow Honey Kitsune, outlined in golden circle studs. I also used Rainbow Honey Gilded Angel for the background of my golden treasures accent nail. I hand placed golden studs of every shape and size, even added some crystals! 

I did an Easter manicure last week also, for a contest at! I always loved the flocking powder bunny I did last year, so I decided to bring it back. I used Zoya Blu for a nice sky blue background. Hand painted the eggs with O.P.I What's With The Cattitude?, Butter London Kerfuffle, Butter London Fruit Machine, Zoya Neely and Butter London Molly Coddled. I added a cute little chick to accompany my bunny this time, with little studded flowers for Spring!

Hopefully I can get through being sick soon and get back to work. I have a list of swatches and ideas I'd love to get done and show you all. Thanks for sticking around!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Color Club Celebration!

I recently visited my local Bed Bath & Beyond to try and find the new Color Club Modern Mosaic collection, unfortunately I couldn't find it. I was lucky enough to stumble on these Color Club minis though and found out they're from the Celebration collection!

There are twelve colors in the collection, but these three were the only ones I could find in their mini display. I am crazy for glitters in crellies (creme/jellies) and was so happy to see that Color Club has hopped on that train!

For You is a white crelly with rainbow hexes of varying sizes. I'm assuming this one is to celebrate a birthday and its adorable. It only took two coats for opacity and my goodness was there glitter a plenty!

Matte top coat immediately turns this color into a delicious jawbreaker manicure! Any rainbow glitters in a white crelly and I am totally in!

Bundle Of Joy is a minty green crelly with black and white hexes of varying sizes. The formula is a little thin, so three layers were needed to get this color opaque. I noticed the white hexes are a little transparent and I think that makes this color even better!

I absolutely adore this color in matte. It looks just like mint chocolate chip ice cream, scrumptious!

Oh Boy! is a gorgeous baby blue crelly with black and white hexes of all sizes. This color gave a lot more glitter coverage in three coats. They should really think about making a whole line of colors like this, they're so fantastic.

The matte top coat definitely makes this color more creamy and soft. Almost like a speckled robin's egg, beautiful.