Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quick Post: Finger Paints Flakies 2014 Vs. 2012

Awhile back I got the new Finger Paints flakies, because the ones they released in 2012 were amazing! I swatched them awhile back and decided to also do a comparison and am just now getting around to posting. Sorry about that! I'll be layering each one over black, so you can see the full effect they have.

Colorful Dream is a rainbow pastel flakie top coat, which is really gorgeous. I did two coats to really cover the nail and show all the colors this flakie has to offer.

Up against Twisted it seems a lot more subtle and delicate. Its a nice contrast, but I'm still drawn to the brighter flakie.

Psychedelic Hue is a beautiful pastel green and blue flakie. Although you can see the colors and its covering most of the nail, I feel like there's something missing from this polish.

When put next to Flecked I can see a bit of yellow come out of Psychedelic Hue. I also noticed that the flakes in the new collection seem to be a bit more shredded.

Abstract Attraction is a gorgeous blue and purple flakie. This has to be one of my favorites from this line, especially over the black.

Next to Motley you can see its more toned down, but not quite pastel. I also see a tiny bit of pink standing out now!

Symmetrical Symphony is a nice blue and orange flakie. I actually love the color contrast this color has to offer!

You can tell that Finger Paints definitely went for more subtle coloring in this collection, as opposed to their bright 2012 collection. 

Vivid Reflection is a lovely mix of orange, pink and purple flakies. They layer together really nicely!

I'd have to say that when comparing it to Flashy, I'm leaning more towards Vivid Reflection, but that could just be my preference. I love the subtlety of Vivid Reflection!


  1. I definitely prefer the brighter flakies too. The pastel ones are nice but just a little too subtle for me. I wish the colors popped more. You're so lucky to have Twisted by the way! Finger Paints should definitely release that one in the future.

    1. Yeah, I'm sure the pastel ones would look really nice over pastel colors for a Spring feel, but the 2012 collection is still my favorite. And thanks! It took me awhile to finally get them all together.

  2. These are so pretty. I love the brightly coloured ones x