Sunday, March 30, 2014

Etude House Minnie Mouse

If you know me, then you know I am a Disney fanatic! I own a ton of cosmetics and products that are Disney themed and absolutely love doing Disney inspired nails. I stumbled upon Etude House and found out they had just released a Minnie Mouse collection, so I snatched it up as soon as I could. I'm in the US so I had to order from eBay, if you're wondering where to find these lovely polishes.

Minnie Red is a medium red creme. The formula is really fantastic, no streaks and it only took two coats for opacity. And although red polishes are known for causing stains, the stain from this color was minimal.

With a matte top coat, the color becomes a pinch darker, but it still a lovely red. And yes, a white glitter did sneak into my matte, darn speck!

Silver Bow is a glitter topper with silver bows, white circles and pink hexes of varying sizes. I can also see a bit of holographic silver micro glitters. This topper was a little pesky to get a good amount of glitter out. I used two coats over Butter London Cuppa, very simple and cute!

I love how soft the matte makes this combination look. You can also see the bits of holographic glitter better and the little silver bows are to die for!

Pink And White Bow this glitter topper is a huge mix of pink hexes, iridescent squares, white circles, micro iridescent hexes, and pink and white bows. The glitters were much easier to get out of the bottle, but I did two coats anyway over Sinful Colors Candy Coated. 

Once again, the matte top coat softens this combination perfectly. I also love the way the iridescent glitters shine, they look really beautiful with the pastel purple.

Minnie White is also a glitter topper that has a burst of glitters. Including pink hexes, squares and bars, iridescent squares, white circles, hexes and mouse ears. I even see some micro glass flecks sprinkled in! The amount of glitter that came out in two coats is astounding and looks great over Zoya Mira.

With the matte top coat, the iridescent squares are shining bright! You can see the glass flecks much better in matte and the white mouse ears pop!

Minnie Black is another glitter topper, but much more simple in the combination of glitters. With black, white and pink hexes, and black mouse ears. It was a little finicky with the application, but two coats over OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It looks really nice.

I am totally in love with this color in matte, it looks like falling confetti. I mean come on, who doesn't want a party on their nails?

Bubble Pink is a gorgeous bubble gum pink creme, but I feel like there's a tiny hint of orange hidden in this color. It only took two coats for opacity and this color is ready for Spring!

The matte top coat softens it quite a bit and I no longer see any orange tones. It reminds me a lot of the Beautifully Disney polish Enchanted Kiss, which is also a pretty pink.

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