Monday, February 17, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Final Five!

When Revlon's new Parfumerie line came out, the US started with sixteen colors, along with three hard to find shades. I knew there would be twenty-four in total, but where were the last five? I did some research online and found out they were released in Canada first! Luckily they eventually came to the US and I was able to find them at Ulta. So here are swatches for the final five of the Revlon Parfumerie collection.

Powder Puff is a very sheer baby pink with blue and pink shimmer. I would suggest putting this color over a base color, it took me four thick coats to get opacity. The scent is really pleasant, like a fragrant powdered make-up!

Tropical Rain is a gorgeous sky blue creme. It went on smoothly in two coats! The scent was very earthy, with a heavy aroma of flowers. Tropical Rain is a lovely scent, its doesn't really smell like rain, but maybe they were going for how a meadow would smell like after rain.

Orange Blossom is a tangy bright orange creme. Its a little sheer and streaky, so I used four coats for a smooth opacity. This is another scent from the line that smells strongly like candy, a very sweet orange scent!

Balsam Fir is a beautiful deep forest green creme. This color easily went on in two coats and has to be one of my new favorite greens. The scent is very distinctly a pine tree. It reminds me of the holidays and I would definitely use this for some Christmas tree nails!

Espresso is a pure black creme. It went opaque in only two coats, but was a bit streaky at first. I'd have to say this is the scent I'm most disappointed in, but maybe its just my sense of smell. Sadly this smelled exactly like burnt food to me, not pleasant at all. Let me know if you have a different experience with this scent, I'd like to see what others think!

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