Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Post: Orly Matte Flake Top Coats!

So I picked these up awhile back and decided to finally try them out. Orly not only decided to release two flakie top coats, but made them matte! I swatched them quickly over Sally Hansen Black Out so that the colors would show through nicely.

Green Flakie Top Coat is jam packed with shades of blue flakes. I used two coats, it gets really nice coverage. I didn't use a top coat over it, so you can see how well the matte effect works. The flakes are a nice size and aren't too thick, making them easy to layer.

Pink Flakie Top Coat has a variety of colors and shades of flakes. Two coats of this has a little less coverage than the Green Flakie, but its still a beautiful color. The flakes also seems to be a bit smaller in this color, but just as easy to handle.

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