Friday, November 15, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Sweets & Spices

Revlon recently released a whole new line of scented polishes called Parfumerie. I absolutely love scented polishes, but they're usually hit or miss, these are definitely a hit though! The bottles are adorable and even look like they could be perfume. Don't worry if you have yet to get your hands on these, this line is permanent! There will be a total of twenty-four colors, there are nineteen out right now and I'll be doing a three part swatch post.

Moonlit Woods is a beautiful metallic lavender. Its a little bit sheer, so I did three coats for opacity. The scent is much more floral than woodsy to me, the good thing is that its not overwhelming. Personally I prefer the color over the scent, but that's just my nose. 

Spun Sugar is a creamy metallic silver, two coats for opacity. The scent for this color isn't really sugary for me, its more of a musky sweet tone. Its a bit overwhelming at first, but then it gets nice and subtle.

Autumn Spice is a dark brown with gold and copper glass flecks. This is my absolute favorite out of the entire collection, I'm always recommending it to my friends. A perfect color and scent for Autumn in only two coats! It smells like pumpkin bread and spices, just heavenly.

Chocolate Truffle is a gorgeous dark chocolate brown. Opaque in two coats and the scent is delightfully strong. Its a very sweet chocolate scent that you can smell immediately, its just awesome.

Bordeaux is a lovely dark red color that is opaque in two coats. I've heard others say it smells like wine, but to me it smells more like cranberry juice. Its very sweet and I really like the rich red color it has.

Beachy is a bright shimmery metallic gold, two coats for opacity. The scent is really warm, it does smell like the beach, but also a little like sun tan lotion. Not a bad smell at all, if I do say so myself!


  1. Beautiful swatches! I especially like Moonlit Woods!

    What are the 5 other scents that are going to be released? I had no idea there were going to be more.

    1. I'm not sure, but I saw on Nouveau Cheap's blog that the collection is permanent and there might also be five more shades! Sources listed below! :D

      I should also include that each of my three swatch posts include a shade not included in the original display. They are Chocolate Truffle, Lime Basil and Ginger Melon! :D

  2. Pretty shades! Love Autumn Spice. :)