Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Glitters

Last month Sally Hansen released a new limited edition line of multi-colored glitters that look stunning. I was able to seek out nine out of the ten. It took me a little while to swatch them, but I finally finished and wanted to share the lovely combinations with you all! And before we start, just know that I used three coats of glitter on each and every swatch, to make sure to get every color and show great coverage.

Frazzle Dazzle is a copper and rose gold glitter with black bars sprinkled in. I used Color Club Nature's Way as a base color so that all the glitters would stand out. I think this glitter is perfect for Fall and would look great on a dark orange or brown.

Confetti Punch is a pink tinted base with pink micro glitters, blue, green and gold hex glitters of varying sizes. Nicole By O.P.I How Fairy nice Of You! as a base color, you can see Confetti Punch tinted the soft pink into a nice medium pink.

Confetti Cake is a purple tinted base complete with purple micro glitters and also pink, silver, blue and black hex glitters of varying sizes. Layered over China Glaze Sweet Hook so you can tell how slight the purple tint is. Its a bit of an odd mash of colors, but its not bad!

Sea-Ly String is a blue tint base with black micro glitters, but also blue and silver glitters of all sizes and black bar glitters. Again I wanted a lighter color to show off the tint so I used Zoya Blu, you can see the tint made it a darker shade.

Green Rocket is a clear base with green and white hexes and white bars. Layered over Orly Jealous Much? really brings the green glitter out and I love that. A perfect color for Christmas, just place it over a nice red!

Rosey Shooter is another clear base with white and red hex glitters and white bars. Putting it over Butter London Teddy Girl definitely makes me think of peppermint, if only it smelled like it! Another perfect color for the upcoming holidays.

Strobe Flash is a black and white glitter with hexes and bars. I absolutely adore black and white glitters and have to admit that I got a little too excited when I scored the last one. This glitter is fantastic over any color, but looks beautiful over Color Club Wild Cactus.

Silver Streamers is a black and silver hex glitter with black bars. I paired this one with Paola Rombos, which is a color I received from a friend in Panama. I would say this color is a flashier alternative to a black and white glitter, which is nice if you like to shine!

Spark In The Dark is a black and gold glitter with black bars. Another alternative if you're not into white or silver. I wanted this color to look regal so I decided on Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier, I admit you can't see the black very well on it, but it still looks amazing.


  1. Frazzle Dazzle is a gorgeous autumn glitter! And I know the post wasn't about it, but that Jealous Much? polish is beautiful!

    1. I know, right? :D I think Frazzle Dazzle would be perfect for Autumn. Also, I absolutely love mints. :p