Friday, November 8, 2013

Butter London Backstage Basics Nail Art Tool Kit Review

Its not everyday you see a popular lacquer company putting out nail art tool sets, so when I found out that Butter London had released one I was really interested to see what quality they would turn out to be. The kit, which you'll see has a tin and three tools is 18$ from the Butter London website.

The first thing I failed to realize was that this "to-go" kit wasn't kidding! Opening the box revealed this teeny tiny cardboard cover with the logo and if you take it apart there are two tutorials inside.

The tin is plain and very thin, so you can just pop it in a purse or luggage, for those snazzy vacation manicures. A plus side about the tin being plain is you can get creative and decorate it yourself!

The brushes are very tiny and compact, which leaves extra room in the tin. I'm sure you could find a mini nail file to pop in there, or even some small nail art accessories! All three brushes came in little plastic wrappers and the striping brush has a protective round cover.

Here you can get an idea of how small the brushes are. I think they look very sleek in black, with the white logo printed on each.

 I decided to do a little demo with the tools. Using the clean-up brush for the edges. Please forgive my poor cuticles, they need some care. I used the dotting tool and striping brush for different designs. Obviously lines are not my strongest nail art skill.

Although small in size, the clean-up brush is very precise in creating clean lines around the nail. It seems a little odd to be holding a brush that's so small, but I got used to it quickly. Being the neat person I am though, I'm afraid to use this brush with darker colors since the bristles are white.

The brush itself is quite a bit shorter than a standard striping brush. I'm usually terrible at straight stripes on my own, but whether it was this brush or the polish I used, I just couldn't get my lines to cooperate. I think this brush might be better suited for non-detailed art rather than stripes.

Its usually not hard to find a working dotting tool and this one works just fine. Its nice to have such a difference in size between the two ends and is a really ideal size for travel. I absolutely love dotting tools, they're the easiest way to add some art to your manicure!

Overall I think this kit is pretty nice, I will definitely be using it for travel manicures and will be adding a small nail file as well. The only things that disappointed me was just how mini the brushes turned out to be and the fact that the bristles on the striping brush are so short. But don't let that stop you from buying this kit, because its really nice quality and so cute!

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  1. It's cute,$18? You could get the same at a craft store for less than half that or eBay for even less.