Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Red Dog Designs Mouse Collection!

So recently new indie polishes with cute little Mickey glitters have been bursting all over the internet, after looking at my options I decided to get some of Red Dog Designs Mouse collection! There are six polishes in total, with half for Mickey and half for Minnie. You can see and purchase the whole collection on Red Dog Design's shop, along with tons of other lovely lacquers.

Minnie's Bouquet is a clear base coat filled with silver and purple glitters of all shades, shapes and sizes. A few of the shapes include stars, hearts, butterflies, flowers and of course Mickey! I did two thin coats over Zoya Sweet, it has pretty great coverage and the bigger shapes are easy to get a hold of.

Pop Art Mickey is another clear base with a rainbow of shapes and sizes. It has holographic micro glitters throughout the base with stars, hexes and squares. I decided to do one coat over Color Club Pucci-licious, which ended up complimenting the glitter colors and had awesome coverage.

M-I-C-K-E-Y is also a clear base with black, white, yellow and metallic red hexes of varying sizes. Two coats over Beautifully Disney Looking For My Prince and was pleased with the amount of coverage and Mickey glitters! 

All three of these glitters are just incredible and I can't wait to purchase the other three shades!

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