Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quick Post: L'Oreal Limited Edition Top Coats

So I spotted this collection at my local Riteaid, there were six top coats and base colors. I ended up picking two of the top coats that really caught my eye. Sorry for posting quickly, but I have something coming up that's super important and I'll fill you in on soon! 

The Holographic, although its not holographic at all. Its a thick flakie top coat in hues of blue and purple. I layered two coats over Butter London Sprog. The trouble I had with this coat was a few of the flakies didn't want to stay flat, but you can fix that with a second coat of top coat!

The Sparklicious top coat is full of black and silver hexes, with silver bar glitters. Two coats over Zoya Reagan gets pretty nice coverage. This glitter was really easy to work with and adds a fun pop to any color!

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