Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pretty & Polished For Fall!

Sorry to be so late on another post! I've been working really hard to get enrolled into a course to become a certified nail technician and have been working on an entry for a contest that's currently running, which I cannot wait to show you all! Also last week I got a few great pieces of mod mail, including some Pretty & Polished colors that are perfect for Fall!

When Hearts Kaleidoscope is a lovely raspberry pink jelly with orange hexes and fuchsia circles. One of my favorite color to wear in Fall lately is a deep raspberry pink, added glitter is a plus! This color took three coats for opacity and had no need for a base color.

 I also like how this color softens up with a matte top coat. One thing I always like about Pretty & Polished's colors are always glittery and usually don't require a base coat.

Rake A Little Piece Of My Heart is a creamy off white jelly with a cornucopia of gold, orange and red glitters in all shapes and sizes. It reminds me of Fall and Thanksgiving, its just perfect! Three coats for nice coverage and opacity, it turns out nicely sandwiched as well.

 With a matte top coat it definitely looks like frosting you'd find on some Thanksgiving cupcakes.  I would definitely wear this out for a family gathering, but it'd be hard to convince them its not actual frosting! 

Gray Skies is an amazing color changing lacquer with gray and blue glitters galore. I absolutely love Pretty & Polished's temperature controlled color changers, they're quality is to die for! When this color is in warm/hot  water it turns a stormy blue-gray and even looks a little Wintery.

When this color is in cold water it changes to a stunning sky blue and the glitters still sparkle. Although its hard to get these color changers to stay a solid color, they make great transitions and always looks lovely. Also, this color took three coats for opacity.

Death By Candy Corn is a new Halloween themed color changing polish filled with orange and yellow hexes of all sizes and white rectangle glitters. With no base coat this color took three coats and the glitter coverage is outrageous! In warm/hot water this color is a vibrant candy yellow.

In cold water this color transitions into a cute pumpkin orange, which I think I prefer over the yellow. This is one of the best colors I've seen that's been inspired by candy corn, the fact that its color change is a major plus!

The one thing that made this color my absolute favorite of the bunch is what happens when the tips are cold. It makes an amazing yellow to orange gradient an looks just like candy corn! It also makes the glitters stand out in each color. I love it!


  1. Great polishes! When Hearts Kaleidoscope in matte looks like bokeh! What an awesome effect. Rake A Little Piece Of My Heart is my favorite of these, and definitely a perfect autumn and Thanksgiving polish! I'm not a fan of candy corn the candies, or even a fan or orange and yellow much, but for some reason I'm loving candy corn designs. (I currently have candy corn nail art toes. lol) But the color change in Death by Candy Corn is incredible! I do agree, I like the orange better, and the gradient is very cool! If I wore it, I'd have to spend all my time outside. The yellow may be a bit harsh and overwhelming, but I actually think I'd definitely wear it. lol

    1. Oh my goodness, I was totally thinking that when I saw When Hearts Kaleidoscope in matte! Death By Candy Corn is my absolute favorite and I'm not usually a fan of yellow or orange. :D

  2. love glitters!
    but the thought of washing them off totally makes me avoid them.

    1. I always use the foil technique, makes glitter so much easier to take off! So I can grab all the glitters I want. :D