Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Glitter Explosion With Candy Lacquer!

I've always been a fan of glitter and when I found out about Candy Lacquer, it blew my mind! Candy Lacquer creates amazing glitter top coats for all styles, occasions and holidays. So I picked up a few of their lacquers to add to my collection.

Pumpkin Party is so stuffed with matte glitters of all shapes and sizes. I only needed one coat over Lime Crime Peaches And Cream, the coverage is just stunning. I love the contrast and mix of colors, but the black flakes really make this color pop!

Unicorn Bubbles is a lovely glitter topper with iridescent and holo circles of all sizes. Again with Candy Lacquer glitters, you only need one good coat for amazing coverage. I decided to do a coat over O.P.I Mod About You and the pairing makes a manicure fit for a fairy princess!

Zombielicious is another one of the new Halloween collection. Its a lovely multi-colored glitter top coat with all shapes and sizes. One coat over Color Club Twiggie brings all the colors together nicely. And again, the black flakes are what makes me love this color.

Summer Circus is almost a rainbow matte glitter, but its got no blue. I love the shades picked for this color because it looks so girly and sweet. I layered a coat over Lime Crime Milky Ways and it looks like a delicious cake!

Fairyland is a gorgeous holographic glitter with colors and shapes galore! This has got to be my favorite of the bunch, its just fantastic. One coat over Sally Hansen Black Out, which really makes the glitter stand out and shine!


  1. You picked the perfect "underwear" for all these, I love all the combos!!