Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Nails And Spring News!

Oh my goodness, I've gotten so busy its become hard to post regularly and I apologize for that. I've been working on steps to enrolling in classes at a nearby college. And I'm really excited to start taking steps to become a certified nail technician! You can bet that I'll definitely have a ton to post about once classes start next Spring. 

I also still have quite a few swatches to show you including some Sally Hansen glitters and Revlon Parfumerie colors. Speaking of that, I decided to pair my new favorite Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice with some studs that I painted to look like candy corns. I really wanted candy corn nails for Halloween, but I also wanted a simple and different take on it, not to mention Autumn Spice smells like amazing pumpkin bread and spices.

I can't wait to get the ball rolling on becoming a nail tech and sharing my experience with you guys!

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