Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Red Dog Designs Mouse Collection!

So recently new indie polishes with cute little Mickey glitters have been bursting all over the internet, after looking at my options I decided to get some of Red Dog Designs Mouse collection! There are six polishes in total, with half for Mickey and half for Minnie. You can see and purchase the whole collection on Red Dog Design's shop, along with tons of other lovely lacquers.

Minnie's Bouquet is a clear base coat filled with silver and purple glitters of all shades, shapes and sizes. A few of the shapes include stars, hearts, butterflies, flowers and of course Mickey! I did two thin coats over Zoya Sweet, it has pretty great coverage and the bigger shapes are easy to get a hold of.

Pop Art Mickey is another clear base with a rainbow of shapes and sizes. It has holographic micro glitters throughout the base with stars, hexes and squares. I decided to do one coat over Color Club Pucci-licious, which ended up complimenting the glitter colors and had awesome coverage.

M-I-C-K-E-Y is also a clear base with black, white, yellow and metallic red hexes of varying sizes. Two coats over Beautifully Disney Looking For My Prince and was pleased with the amount of coverage and Mickey glitters! 

All three of these glitters are just incredible and I can't wait to purchase the other three shades!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Nails And Spring News!

Oh my goodness, I've gotten so busy its become hard to post regularly and I apologize for that. I've been working on steps to enrolling in classes at a nearby college. And I'm really excited to start taking steps to become a certified nail technician! You can bet that I'll definitely have a ton to post about once classes start next Spring. 

I also still have quite a few swatches to show you including some Sally Hansen glitters and Revlon Parfumerie colors. Speaking of that, I decided to pair my new favorite Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice with some studs that I painted to look like candy corns. I really wanted candy corn nails for Halloween, but I also wanted a simple and different take on it, not to mention Autumn Spice smells like amazing pumpkin bread and spices.

I can't wait to get the ball rolling on becoming a nail tech and sharing my experience with you guys!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wicked Inspired!

The only time I was lucky enough to see Wicked the musical, I fell in love with it. The lovely Deborah Lippmann paired up with Wicked to hold a manicure contest and I just had to enter, my head was bursting with ideas! I decided to take elements from the set of Wicked and brew up a manicure fit for an evil witch.

I decided a nice tough would be to paint my hand green with body paint, which was easy enough to find with Halloween right around the corner. I also grabbed some Swarovski crystals to pull the green together and add some color. I'm absolutely in love with how this turned out, I think its one of the most intense 3D manicures I've ever done and it will be one of my favorites for a long time!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Glitter Explosion With Candy Lacquer!

I've always been a fan of glitter and when I found out about Candy Lacquer, it blew my mind! Candy Lacquer creates amazing glitter top coats for all styles, occasions and holidays. So I picked up a few of their lacquers to add to my collection.

Pumpkin Party is so stuffed with matte glitters of all shapes and sizes. I only needed one coat over Lime Crime Peaches And Cream, the coverage is just stunning. I love the contrast and mix of colors, but the black flakes really make this color pop!

Unicorn Bubbles is a lovely glitter topper with iridescent and holo circles of all sizes. Again with Candy Lacquer glitters, you only need one good coat for amazing coverage. I decided to do a coat over O.P.I Mod About You and the pairing makes a manicure fit for a fairy princess!

Zombielicious is another one of the new Halloween collection. Its a lovely multi-colored glitter top coat with all shapes and sizes. One coat over Color Club Twiggie brings all the colors together nicely. And again, the black flakes are what makes me love this color.

Summer Circus is almost a rainbow matte glitter, but its got no blue. I love the shades picked for this color because it looks so girly and sweet. I layered a coat over Lime Crime Milky Ways and it looks like a delicious cake!

Fairyland is a gorgeous holographic glitter with colors and shapes galore! This has got to be my favorite of the bunch, its just fantastic. One coat over Sally Hansen Black Out, which really makes the glitter stand out and shine!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Quick Post: Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice & Black Magic

So I was able to find the awesome Halloween display by Sinful Colors at my local Walgreens. I remember last year I saw Pumpkin Spice and wasn't interested, but this year I am! And they released a new color called Black Magic that is a perfect color for Halloween. So I decided to do a quick swatch today!

Pumpkin Spice is a delicious mix of golden and red hex glitters. I layered two coats on top of Nicole By O.P.I Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary and the coverage is pretty amazing. I wasn't sure about this color at first, but its really grown on me and I'll definitely be pairing it with more Fall colors.

Black Magic is a dazzling mix of metallic black and orange hexes of varying sizes. I did two coats over Sally Hansen Black Out for fantastic coverage. I think this color is great for a simple and sparkling Halloween manicure or if you're just a fan of black and orange! I think this would also make a wonderful glitter gradient.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rainbow Honey The Final Battle

 *Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

Rainbow Honey has done it again with a stunning new collection of fifteen colors! Let me tell you now that this collection is breath taking. I was lucky enough to be given some samples to share with you today.

Cetra is a soft pink jelly with millions of tiny sparkling iridescent and golden flecks. Its a little sheer on its own, so I placed two coats over Butter London Teddy Girl. I love this color for its gentleness, but it also packs a punch with its flecks.

 A coat of matte gives this polish a whole different shine. This color is lovely in matte, it looks like a delicate sparkling candy.

Judgement Bolt is an amazing gold shimmer with micro gold, bronze and iridescent glitter topper. I didn't want to take away from its sparkle with a colored base coat, so I layered one coat over Sally Hansen Black Out. 

You can really see the amount of shimmer and iridescent glitters with this color in matte. Its astounding how much glitter coverage you get from one nice layer. The iridescent glitters really add a nice pop that I just adore.

Ruby Weapon is a gorgeous ruby red metallic with gold and red shimmer. Just to be safe I used four coats of this color, but it really only needs three and no base color needed. This color is a jewel in the pack and perfect for Fall, I know I'll be wearing it again!

In matte Ruby Weapon becomes a soft, sparkling velvet red. I really love the way the matte catches every detail of the shimmer, it looks amazing. I cannot wait to grab others from this collection.

You can get these colors and more from The Final Battle at 10pm EST tonight on!

*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pretty & Polished For Fall!

Sorry to be so late on another post! I've been working really hard to get enrolled into a course to become a certified nail technician and have been working on an entry for a contest that's currently running, which I cannot wait to show you all! Also last week I got a few great pieces of mod mail, including some Pretty & Polished colors that are perfect for Fall!

When Hearts Kaleidoscope is a lovely raspberry pink jelly with orange hexes and fuchsia circles. One of my favorite color to wear in Fall lately is a deep raspberry pink, added glitter is a plus! This color took three coats for opacity and had no need for a base color.

 I also like how this color softens up with a matte top coat. One thing I always like about Pretty & Polished's colors are always glittery and usually don't require a base coat.

Rake A Little Piece Of My Heart is a creamy off white jelly with a cornucopia of gold, orange and red glitters in all shapes and sizes. It reminds me of Fall and Thanksgiving, its just perfect! Three coats for nice coverage and opacity, it turns out nicely sandwiched as well.

 With a matte top coat it definitely looks like frosting you'd find on some Thanksgiving cupcakes.  I would definitely wear this out for a family gathering, but it'd be hard to convince them its not actual frosting! 

Gray Skies is an amazing color changing lacquer with gray and blue glitters galore. I absolutely love Pretty & Polished's temperature controlled color changers, they're quality is to die for! When this color is in warm/hot  water it turns a stormy blue-gray and even looks a little Wintery.

When this color is in cold water it changes to a stunning sky blue and the glitters still sparkle. Although its hard to get these color changers to stay a solid color, they make great transitions and always looks lovely. Also, this color took three coats for opacity.

Death By Candy Corn is a new Halloween themed color changing polish filled with orange and yellow hexes of all sizes and white rectangle glitters. With no base coat this color took three coats and the glitter coverage is outrageous! In warm/hot water this color is a vibrant candy yellow.

In cold water this color transitions into a cute pumpkin orange, which I think I prefer over the yellow. This is one of the best colors I've seen that's been inspired by candy corn, the fact that its color change is a major plus!

The one thing that made this color my absolute favorite of the bunch is what happens when the tips are cold. It makes an amazing yellow to orange gradient an looks just like candy corn! It also makes the glitters stand out in each color. I love it!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quick Post: L'Oreal Limited Edition Top Coats

So I spotted this collection at my local Riteaid, there were six top coats and base colors. I ended up picking two of the top coats that really caught my eye. Sorry for posting quickly, but I have something coming up that's super important and I'll fill you in on soon! 

The Holographic, although its not holographic at all. Its a thick flakie top coat in hues of blue and purple. I layered two coats over Butter London Sprog. The trouble I had with this coat was a few of the flakies didn't want to stay flat, but you can fix that with a second coat of top coat!

The Sparklicious top coat is full of black and silver hexes, with silver bar glitters. Two coats over Zoya Reagan gets pretty nice coverage. This glitter was really easy to work with and adds a fun pop to any color!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

China Glaze Monsters Ball

Its my favorite time of year again, Halloween/Fall! There are so many collections coming out for the season and I am bursting with excitement. So get ready for some Halloween/Fall themed swatch spam and we'll start it off with China Glaze Monsters Ball!

Boo-Gie Down! is a spooky good orange, white and black hex glitter of all sizes and black bar glitters. Two coats over Butter London Marrow resulted in amazing glitter coverage. This is an absolutely perfect glitter to celebrate Halloween with and I love it!

Bat My Eyes is a black jelly stuffed with golden hex glitters and metallic orange bars. This one has got to be my favorite, it looks so elegant! It took three coats for opacity and I didn't need to use a color underneath. At first I thought the bar glitters would interrupt the beauty of this color, but they're so scattered that its perfect.

Fang-Tastic is a glitter top coat with fuchsia, purple, blue and green hexes. Here's the pleasant shocker: This is only one coat, you read that right. A single coat over Butter London Cuppa is all it took to cover basically everything. This is one amazing glitter coat!

Howl You Doin' is a dark purple, almost black jelly with orange and indigo flecks. Two coats for opacity with no under color. I really love how tiny the flecks in this color are, but they still stand out and shine!

Ghoulish Glow is their famous glowing top coat. It only slightly alters the color of your base coat, but I went with Essie The More The Merrier underneath. Its next to impossible to get a photo of this color in the dark to show just how bright its glow is. I decided to hold it under a UV light to show you how it looks, you can see the tiny specks of glow that are in this top coat. Trust me though, it gives off a spectacular glow in the dark!