Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quick Post: Rainbow Honey More Ponies!

Rainbow Honey recently came out with three more My Little Pony themed polishes and I just had to have them! These three are limited edition, but I've checked at the time of writing this and they're still in stock. So if you're interested I'd grab them asap!

The Changeling Queen is an amazing glitter filled with green squares, blue hexes, black circles, small black bars and tons of shimmer! I layered two coats over Essie Go Overboard and its just gorgeous.

One thing I love about matte top coat over Rainbow Honey is that you can see all the detail of the glitters and shimmer. I think this color captures the character perfectly.

The Power Of Love has a lovely pink base with gold flakes, silver hearts and shades of purple and pink hexes. I did three coats to make this opaque, because I really didn't want to use a base coat underneath. Its just so beautiful on its own.

With the matte top coat you can see all the sparkling gold flakies, which makes this polish breathtaking. I love the color combination and it captures the character nicely.

Muffins! is grey base with shades of yellow hexes, yellow circles and iridescent micro glitters. No base color was needed for this lovely polish and it took two coats for opacity.

The matte coat changes the base color a little but, but it stills looks pretty. And you can really see the iridescent glitters shining all over. Although this color combination is unusual for me, this polish makes it work really well.

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  1. BOOTY-FUL!!! I'm not too wild about The Changeling Queen (not my style -maybe I can wear it on its own? hmmmm...) but that doesn't take away at how nice the polish itself is and the great quality you get from Rainbow Honey. I am head over heels for Muffins! (representing Derpy!!!) and the power of Love is a great addition to the Equestria Collection.