Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holographic Comparison

When I first got into nail polish, I never even knew holographic polishes existed! Let alone certain pigment types to create more or less of the holographic effect. One of my friends asked to compare the holographic polishes I had on hand, so I'm happy to share results!

Sadly I only have three brands of holographic lacquers. Nubar reclaim was my first color, but compared to the others it not as holographic as once thought! Nfu Oh was my second and I quickly learned that top coat will take away from its full effect of holographic goodness. And Color Club was my third and favorite, because it shines anytime of day and top coat doesn't take away from its sparkle.

Nubar Reclaim is a nice emerald green. It takes two coats to get a good opacity and coverage. The formula isn't hard to work with, but the holographic quality isn't as strong as it could be. Its still nice for a subtle look though!

Nfu Oh #61 is a shiny silver holographic. This formula is a bit finicky, if you don't let the first coat dry before applying a second, it could drag the first coat into a lump. It takes four thick coats to get a good opacity,  but the top coat takes away from the holographic. If you're set on his brand though, they offer a special top coat to maintain it.

Color Club Cloud Nine is a magical pastel pink holographic. A surprising two coats is all this color needs to be opaque. Top coat can't even stop is from being its brilliant holographic self! I really believe that Color Club has set the bar on holographic polishes and the quality is amazing!

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