Thursday, September 26, 2013

E.L.F Disney Villains!

So recently I saw that Disney had licensed out a few gorgeous paintings of their villains to cosmetics companies to use freely. And suddenly things like eyeshadow palettes, eyelashes, nail art kits, hair ties, make-up bags and polish started popping up in Walgreens! Although I would've loved to grab everything and run, I had to control myself.

The E.L.F 12 piece nail polish set came out to a thrifty ten dollars and the whole set is just adorable. I've never had a problem with the quality of E.L.F and my only complaint for this set was the polish names weren't really made to represent each villain. I mean come on, Bubble Gum Pink for Maleficent?!

Nude is a lovely dusty rose creme. I'm not sure this color is for me, but its still a nice polish. It only took two coats for opacity. A tiny complaint I have is that the brushes are a little stiff, so if you drag too hard it might get frustrating to get good coats.

Smokin' Hot is a spicy bright red, this color is a little more sheer than a creme. I'm not partial to reds, but this is a classic. I'd almost consider it jelly consistency, but not quite sheer enough. It took three coats for opacity.

Smoky Brown is a subtle chocolate brown creme. The formula of this color was a little grainy, but it turned out really nice. Two coats for opacity!

Coral Dream is a mainly orange coral creme. This one took three coats for opacity and again the brush was a little tough to work with.

Mint Cream is a blue hued mint creme. This color was a bit grainy again, but the opacity came out really well in two coats. Who doesn't love a mint though?

Sea Escape is an amazing black with tons of blue shimmer. This is one of the more unique colors and took three coats for opacity. 

Bubble Gum Pink is pretty much what its named. A standard pop of pink in three coats. Sadly I don't think it matched Maleficent well, but that's alright.

Mod Mauve is a dusty burgundy, also a little grainy. Went on pretty well in three coats and I wrestled with the idea of it with my skin tone or not. 

Gina Girl is a dark purple, almost black jelly with purple, orange, fuchsia and iridescent green hexes of all sizes. This has got to be the best color in the box! I absolutely love it over Zoya mira and it took two coats for great coverage.

Pot Of Gold is a metallic foil gold creme. The trouble with this color is even after clean up it left particles of shimmer around my cuticles. It took three coats for opacity and the foil effect is nice.

Cranberry is a stunning shimmery deep red. Opaque in only two coats and I have to say I really love this color, a lot more than I thought I would. Its definitely going to be a go to Fall color.

 Thunderstorm is a dark, almost black grey creme. The formula was perfection and went opaque in two coats. Another really good go to color for Fall! 

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  1. Gina Girl is gorgeous, but I don't think I could justify the entire box for a tiny bottle of it :(