Monday, September 16, 2013

Dark Blue Neon Comparison

So lately I've been on a neon blue kick! I started to notice that I had collected quite a few matching colors and decided to compile a small comparison. I do own more dark blues, but these were my favorites and the closest near dupes.

Butter London Blagger and Ulta Blue Streak. Now these two are definitely different in price, Ulta polishes tend to go on sale a ton and Butter London is held in a much higher quality range. You can tell the Butter London is a pinch darker, it also took about two coats. It did take a two more coats of the Ulta to get a good coverage, but don't count it out! I think these two colors can totally hold their own.

Essie Butler Please and Color Club Bright Night. As soon as I picked this Essie up, I was in love with it. Its such a vibrant blue, but the Color Club is out shining it this time! Essie took two coats to get opaque and it has a really awesome rubber like finish. Color Club also took two coats and dries shiny. I'd have to say I love them all just as much, yay blues!

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