Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black & White Glitter Comparison

One of my favorite all time glitter combinations is black and white glitter. Its stylish and you can pair it with any color imaginable! I decided to take a few of my black and white glitters to compare for your enjoyment. I paired each with Color Club Nature's Way, which won't take the attention away from the comparison.

The big trend lately is using hex and bar glitters together, which you can see in Sephora, Cover Band and Hard Candy. If you're not in to bar glitter, then Maybelline is perfect for you. Each swatch I used one coat to show the coverage. I hadn't realized that Sticks 'N Stones had noticeably larger glitters, until I placed it next to the others.

I decided the closet two were Sephora and Hard Candy, so here's a close comparison of the pair. I used two coats of each on this swatch. You can see that Hard Candy is more packed with glitter than Sephora, but I still like both.

And if you're not into tiny or hex glitters, just for fun I swatched China Glaze and Rainbow Honey. China Glaze glitters are the largest of the bunch and the coverage is so-so. Rainbow Honey is all squares and has tiny iridescent glitters to add some spice! 

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  1. Hm...I've wondered about the difference in all these type polishes I've been seeing. I think out of these options, I like the Hard Candy one best (with one coat). :)