Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holographic Comparison

When I first got into nail polish, I never even knew holographic polishes existed! Let alone certain pigment types to create more or less of the holographic effect. One of my friends asked to compare the holographic polishes I had on hand, so I'm happy to share results!

Sadly I only have three brands of holographic lacquers. Nubar reclaim was my first color, but compared to the others it not as holographic as once thought! Nfu Oh was my second and I quickly learned that top coat will take away from its full effect of holographic goodness. And Color Club was my third and favorite, because it shines anytime of day and top coat doesn't take away from its sparkle.

Nubar Reclaim is a nice emerald green. It takes two coats to get a good opacity and coverage. The formula isn't hard to work with, but the holographic quality isn't as strong as it could be. Its still nice for a subtle look though!

Nfu Oh #61 is a shiny silver holographic. This formula is a bit finicky, if you don't let the first coat dry before applying a second, it could drag the first coat into a lump. It takes four thick coats to get a good opacity,  but the top coat takes away from the holographic. If you're set on his brand though, they offer a special top coat to maintain it.

Color Club Cloud Nine is a magical pastel pink holographic. A surprising two coats is all this color needs to be opaque. Top coat can't even stop is from being its brilliant holographic self! I really believe that Color Club has set the bar on holographic polishes and the quality is amazing!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

E.L.F Disney Villains!

So recently I saw that Disney had licensed out a few gorgeous paintings of their villains to cosmetics companies to use freely. And suddenly things like eyeshadow palettes, eyelashes, nail art kits, hair ties, make-up bags and polish started popping up in Walgreens! Although I would've loved to grab everything and run, I had to control myself.

The E.L.F 12 piece nail polish set came out to a thrifty ten dollars and the whole set is just adorable. I've never had a problem with the quality of E.L.F and my only complaint for this set was the polish names weren't really made to represent each villain. I mean come on, Bubble Gum Pink for Maleficent?!

Nude is a lovely dusty rose creme. I'm not sure this color is for me, but its still a nice polish. It only took two coats for opacity. A tiny complaint I have is that the brushes are a little stiff, so if you drag too hard it might get frustrating to get good coats.

Smokin' Hot is a spicy bright red, this color is a little more sheer than a creme. I'm not partial to reds, but this is a classic. I'd almost consider it jelly consistency, but not quite sheer enough. It took three coats for opacity.

Smoky Brown is a subtle chocolate brown creme. The formula of this color was a little grainy, but it turned out really nice. Two coats for opacity!

Coral Dream is a mainly orange coral creme. This one took three coats for opacity and again the brush was a little tough to work with.

Mint Cream is a blue hued mint creme. This color was a bit grainy again, but the opacity came out really well in two coats. Who doesn't love a mint though?

Sea Escape is an amazing black with tons of blue shimmer. This is one of the more unique colors and took three coats for opacity. 

Bubble Gum Pink is pretty much what its named. A standard pop of pink in three coats. Sadly I don't think it matched Maleficent well, but that's alright.

Mod Mauve is a dusty burgundy, also a little grainy. Went on pretty well in three coats and I wrestled with the idea of it with my skin tone or not. 

Gina Girl is a dark purple, almost black jelly with purple, orange, fuchsia and iridescent green hexes of all sizes. This has got to be the best color in the box! I absolutely love it over Zoya mira and it took two coats for great coverage.

Pot Of Gold is a metallic foil gold creme. The trouble with this color is even after clean up it left particles of shimmer around my cuticles. It took three coats for opacity and the foil effect is nice.

Cranberry is a stunning shimmery deep red. Opaque in only two coats and I have to say I really love this color, a lot more than I thought I would. Its definitely going to be a go to Fall color.

 Thunderstorm is a dark, almost black grey creme. The formula was perfection and went opaque in two coats. Another really good go to color for Fall! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Frosting And Butterflies!

An unlikely combination for sure, but I wanted to share with you a new indie I received from a friend and a contest entry for Rainbow Honey! Life has been quite busy lately, but things are starting to get back on track. I'm also really excited to get back to working on the blog and am starting to hoard prizes for my next blogiversary!

I've always been a fan of glitters in cream/jellies and when I saw this color I had been lemming over it for ages. I was so excited to have a friend send it to me and I promised to swatch it immediately! Frosting is a tasty pink cream/jelly with magenta, purple and silver hexes and silver hearts. I did three coats for a good coverage and to add some depth to the glitters.

It looks even more scrumptious in matte coat! One of the things that amazed me about this color is how many hearts you can easily get out of it. I know some colors with big glitters are troublesome to get out of the bottle, but this was a breeze! As my first bottle of Picture Polish, I'm so pleased and can't wait to get my hands on more of their colors!

So recently I spotted Rainbow Honey was having a contest about pairing your outfit with one or more of their colors. I love making manicures inspired from outfits, so I was pretty excited for this contest. I decided on my favorite dress, its vibrant and covered in butterflies.

I combined The Frizz and Magic Cake over black for the majority of my nails. And sponged on The Kraken and Mint Flavor for an awesome sky background for my butterflies. The butterflies are fimo pieces that started out orange and I custom painted them to match the ones on my dress. I also bent their wings to give it a 3D look, which I absolutely adore. Here's hoping I win! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dark Blue Neon Comparison

So lately I've been on a neon blue kick! I started to notice that I had collected quite a few matching colors and decided to compile a small comparison. I do own more dark blues, but these were my favorites and the closest near dupes.

Butter London Blagger and Ulta Blue Streak. Now these two are definitely different in price, Ulta polishes tend to go on sale a ton and Butter London is held in a much higher quality range. You can tell the Butter London is a pinch darker, it also took about two coats. It did take a two more coats of the Ulta to get a good coverage, but don't count it out! I think these two colors can totally hold their own.

Essie Butler Please and Color Club Bright Night. As soon as I picked this Essie up, I was in love with it. Its such a vibrant blue, but the Color Club is out shining it this time! Essie took two coats to get opaque and it has a really awesome rubber like finish. Color Club also took two coats and dries shiny. I'd have to say I love them all just as much, yay blues!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quick Post: Rainbow Honey More Ponies!

Rainbow Honey recently came out with three more My Little Pony themed polishes and I just had to have them! These three are limited edition, but I've checked at the time of writing this and they're still in stock. So if you're interested I'd grab them asap!

The Changeling Queen is an amazing glitter filled with green squares, blue hexes, black circles, small black bars and tons of shimmer! I layered two coats over Essie Go Overboard and its just gorgeous.

One thing I love about matte top coat over Rainbow Honey is that you can see all the detail of the glitters and shimmer. I think this color captures the character perfectly.

The Power Of Love has a lovely pink base with gold flakes, silver hearts and shades of purple and pink hexes. I did three coats to make this opaque, because I really didn't want to use a base coat underneath. Its just so beautiful on its own.

With the matte top coat you can see all the sparkling gold flakies, which makes this polish breathtaking. I love the color combination and it captures the character nicely.

Muffins! is grey base with shades of yellow hexes, yellow circles and iridescent micro glitters. No base color was needed for this lovely polish and it took two coats for opacity.

The matte coat changes the base color a little but, but it stills looks pretty. And you can really see the iridescent glitters shining all over. Although this color combination is unusual for me, this polish makes it work really well.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black & White Glitter Comparison

One of my favorite all time glitter combinations is black and white glitter. Its stylish and you can pair it with any color imaginable! I decided to take a few of my black and white glitters to compare for your enjoyment. I paired each with Color Club Nature's Way, which won't take the attention away from the comparison.

The big trend lately is using hex and bar glitters together, which you can see in Sephora, Cover Band and Hard Candy. If you're not in to bar glitter, then Maybelline is perfect for you. Each swatch I used one coat to show the coverage. I hadn't realized that Sticks 'N Stones had noticeably larger glitters, until I placed it next to the others.

I decided the closet two were Sephora and Hard Candy, so here's a close comparison of the pair. I used two coats of each on this swatch. You can see that Hard Candy is more packed with glitter than Sephora, but I still like both.

And if you're not into tiny or hex glitters, just for fun I swatched China Glaze and Rainbow Honey. China Glaze glitters are the largest of the bunch and the coverage is so-so. Rainbow Honey is all squares and has tiny iridescent glitters to add some spice! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Essie Summer 2013 Swatches

I've been meaning to swatch these for awhile now, but just haven't had the time to. And even though Summer is coming to a close, I still wanted to post and share these with you all!

Rock The Boat is a calming light blue with dazzling shimmer. The only problem I have with shimmer colors is that the shimmer tends to stay around your nails after you clean up. Two coats for opacity!

The Girls Are Out is a lovely magenta with tons of shimmer. Two coats for opacity and no staining on my skin, which can happen with darker pinks and reds.

Sunday Funday is a gorgeous bright orange with shimmer galore. This color was a little more sheer, so I did three coats. I really like this color, its different from the usual oranges.

The More The Merrier is an awesome chartreuse, which I am in love with at the moment! Only two coats for opacity and no streaking or stains.

Full Steam Ahead is a cute pastel lavender with shimmer. Its pretty sheer, so I did four coats just to be safe, I think you could get away with three though.

Naughty Nautical is a stunning bright teal with shimmer. I used two coats for opacity and a big surprise to me was no staining! For a color like this, its hard to avoid stains, but I got lucky and I love this color.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Disney Inspiration: Oogie Boogie

Since I purchased my UV light and realized that neon polishes give off amazing glow, I've had this idea in my head. Nightmare Before Christmas has always been a favorite of mine and Oogie's luminous lair grabs your attention with color! And although the thought of a villain made entirely of bugs creeps me out, Oogie is a pretty cool character.

I absolutely love how this turned out! I admit I used fake nails, but I wanted to be able to save this look. This is my first time using a nail art brush from my Bundle Monster set, which I should have used sooner, so I'm still getting the hang of using a brush.

I used Color Club I Always Get My Man-Darin and Cynthia Rowley purple for the roulette wheel. First time using cut tape triangles, it was a little messy. I used a black striper polish for the lines, let them dry, but they streaked anyway.

I tried to recreate the skulls seen in his lair, but they streaked as well. Used Illamasqua Geist, which is clear, so I had to paint under the UV light. Then I placed a few single glitters from Salon Perfect Zapped.

Oogie himself was made with Color Club The Lime Starts Here! I wanted to make sure he came out perfect so I painted this on a ziplock bag and peeled it off after it dried. Added some Salon Perfect Zapped for a little more glow.

I used O.P.I Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It for his infamous snake eye dice. I think those skulls are the tiniest thing I've painted yet! Another touch of Salon Perfect Zapped to tie it in with the others.

And finally the swirl pinky, made with Color Club Wham Pow! I didn't try to make the line perfect because the art style of his lair has hard edges, plus it gives more character.