Monday, August 19, 2013

Whimsical Ideas By Pam!

First of all, so sorry for the delay in posting. I've had some family and computer issues, but that is no excuse. I've been dying to share these Whimsicals that I got a few weeks ago, they're my very first!

Seuss is a blue jelly with silver and red hexes galore! Appropriately named, it reminds me so much of The Cat In The Hat. It only took three layers to get this to a pretty good opacity. I didn't use anything underneath so I could show off the great color.

One coat of matte and you can really see the detail of those tiny hex glitters. For some reason when its matte it looks more like a slushie! 

Just Add Milk is a khaki colored jelly with brown hexes of all sizes. This one too four coats, but I'm sure with a tan or white underneath it wouldn't be so many. I just like to get the true color of the jelly because its so gorgeous. 

And in matte it looks just like cookies! I had a hard time not nibbling on my nails. Imagine if you had a cookie scented top coat!

Nancy's Birthday is a vibrant pink jelly with rainbow glitters of all sorts! It even has purple squares, which totally surprised me in the best way. This color took two coats to get all its glittery goodness, its definitely a party on your nails!

Although matte tones down the party a little, it still looks fantastic! Like some kind of glittery pink jawbreaker, I love it!

You can find and order these lovelies from Pam's Facebook Page!

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  1. I've already seen (and fell in love with) Seuss, but I've now added Just Add Milk to my wish list! Especially after seeing it in matte. It looks so yummy! :D haha

    - Toria