Thursday, August 29, 2013

Update: A Little Peek Into My Life

So I haven't been posting lately and there is a reason as to why. I had to put down one of my babies a few weeks ago and it really took a toll on me. King had been sick, but we didn't think it was as bad as it was. Once we got him to the vet we learned that putting him down was the only and right option, I'm glad he's no longer in pain, but I miss him everyday.

I haven't been wanting to work as of late and inspiration has yet to strike. I thought getting out of the house would help, so I went to Beautycon with my mom. It turned out to be a bad mistake, we waited in the hot sun for over five hours and once we got in I realized that it was mostly about Youtube stars and make-up, not really nails or polish.

Here are the nails I did for the occasion, a splatter in similar colors to my outfit. I only realized later that the studs were different colors, but I still thought the splatter came out really pretty.

I promise to get back to blogging soon, I'm trying to work on some posts. Thank you for being patient and sticking around, it means a lot to me.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Whimsical Ideas By Pam!

First of all, so sorry for the delay in posting. I've had some family and computer issues, but that is no excuse. I've been dying to share these Whimsicals that I got a few weeks ago, they're my very first!

Seuss is a blue jelly with silver and red hexes galore! Appropriately named, it reminds me so much of The Cat In The Hat. It only took three layers to get this to a pretty good opacity. I didn't use anything underneath so I could show off the great color.

One coat of matte and you can really see the detail of those tiny hex glitters. For some reason when its matte it looks more like a slushie! 

Just Add Milk is a khaki colored jelly with brown hexes of all sizes. This one too four coats, but I'm sure with a tan or white underneath it wouldn't be so many. I just like to get the true color of the jelly because its so gorgeous. 

And in matte it looks just like cookies! I had a hard time not nibbling on my nails. Imagine if you had a cookie scented top coat!

Nancy's Birthday is a vibrant pink jelly with rainbow glitters of all sorts! It even has purple squares, which totally surprised me in the best way. This color took two coats to get all its glittery goodness, its definitely a party on your nails!

Although matte tones down the party a little, it still looks fantastic! Like some kind of glittery pink jawbreaker, I love it!

You can find and order these lovelies from Pam's Facebook Page!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Disney Inspiration: Tron Legacy

 One of my all time favorite live action Disney movies has always been Tron and when I saw Tron Legacy my love for the movies exploded! When Disney had ElecTRONica I was ecstatic and went as often as I could before they changed the party. I even saved some of the Flynn's arcade coins, which are awesome!

I've always had the idea of using striping tape to create lines similar to the suits in Tron, with blue underneath. I was a little disappointed when I couldn't figure out how to create the circles, but I think it turned out alright! 

And to upgrade the look, I added Illamasqua Geist over the blue, but underneath the black. Although it made the black glow too, it still looks really amazing. I think it looks more like the sirens that are in the movie. This has to be one of my favorite manicures and I can't wait to use the UV glow polishes in future manicures!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Try It On Tuesday: Hare Polish

Recently I decided I needed to venture out of my little indie comfort bubble and try some new brands! I was lucky to get my hands on some Hare Polish and I'm so happy that I did. I'm amazed that these creators are able to make something different from other polishes.

Return To Nature is a lovely beige nude with gold, silver and white hexes and squares.  It took two layers to get this great coverage and opacity. I'm an avid lover of glitters in cremes and this one takes the cake. 

I love the simplicity of it in matte as well. The color becomes more like stone, but the glitters still shine! Overall its just a gorgeous combination.

Bisbee 2.0 is a vibrant teal with golden squares and hexes of all sizes. I'm not usually a fan of gold, but it just fits so well with teal. Another two coats for amazing glitter coverage and opacity. 

Even in matte it still pops with color! I'm so happy with my first two choices from Hare Polish and cannot wait to buy from them again. Their colors are beautiful and supreme quality.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

400 Follower Winners!

Another giveaway must come to a close, but it was a lot of fun. I absolutely love hosting them and will definitely keep doing them in the years to come! Be sure to keep an eye out for my next Blogiversary, because you can bet I'll be having some kind of extravaganza!

The winners are posted below, will be contacted by e-mail shortly and have 48 hours to respond or I will choose a new winner. Thank you all so much for participating and I can't wait until next time!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Illamasqua Paranormal

I am so excited to finally be able to swatch these! It took awhile for me to get a working UV light, but I'm so glad I finally did. Illamasqua Paranormal is my first UV glow polish set and I've been so excited to try them out.

 Ouija is a great hot pink with silver shimmer. It took two coats for opacity.With shimmer its a little harder to clean up because you get little specks around your nail, but its not too bad.

 Its pretty amazing under UV light! An even brighter neon pink with an orange hue. I love that you can see the shimmer still and the color is out of this world.

Geist is just a clear coat. I layered it over China Glaze Hanging In The Balance. Two coats was all it took, but if you're afraid of getting messy then I suggest painting your nails under the UV light.

This is the one unforgiving color of the collection, any bubbles will glow bright under the UV. It glows really nicely though and reminds me of Tron!

Seance is a perfect purple with silver shimmer. Another two coats for opacity and plenty of shimmer to go around! Again, you can see the shimmer specks around my nails.

The shimmer isn't as apparent in this color, but my goodness is it vibrant! I love the pink-ish purple color it becomes.

Omen is an amazing bright green with silver shimmer. I think this shade of green is just beautiful and the shimmer just adds to it! Two coats for opacity, no streaks and they all had a lovely formula.

Under UV is almost turns into a glowing mint, I love it! I will definitely be using these colors to create some awesome glow manicures in the future, so keep an eye out!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quick Post: O.P.I Couture De Minnie

Yet another Disney collection from O.P.I, you know I just had to get my nails on! Couture De Minnie is full of cremes, shimmers, glitters and even a liquid sand. This collection is elegant, with just enough pizazz!

Magazine Cover Mouse is a wonderful strawberry red and gold liquid sand. The texture is much softer than it seems. I'm sure this would also look great with a few coats of shiny top coat.

Chic From Ears To Tail is a soft shimmery pink. Two coats for opacity and no streaks at all. You can barely see the shimmer where the light reflects.

A Definite Moust-Have is a punchy bright red. Again two coats was all it took for opacity. I found this red to be a favorite, its different from any red I've seen and almost has a little bit of a pink hue to it.

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow is a hot, shimmery red. I absolutely adore cremes that have shimmers hidden in them, such a nice surprise. Two coats for opacity and no staining too!

Minnie Style is packed with white and red glitters. I layered it over Sally Hansen Black Out, which really makes the colors pop! Two coats was all it took to get this great coverage.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy International Nail Art Day! #INAD

While I was a little behind on knowing about today, I hopped right on board when I found out! I spent this morning whipping up some nail art to honor this special day. I could not be more excited to celebrate and I hope you celebrate too! Whether you're a professional or a beginner, show you lacquerista pride!

I've been meaning to use Color Club Abyss from their new collection and topped it with Zoya Opal. I dug around in my art accessories for a bit and came out with studs and a chain. Both of which I've never used before! I'm usually not a fan of gold, but am loving this combination.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Maybelline Polka Dots: UK VS US!

A little while back I got my hands on the UK Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots collection and was ecstatic! A few weeks after, I noticed that the colors were available in the US. Thinking I had already gotten them, I passed on them, thinking it was the store lighting making them look lighter. But now I've come to find out that not only do the UK and US versions have different names, but are also different shades!

As far as the two names go, I'd have to say Rain Forest Canopy just sounds more appealing. But its pretty clear that these are totally different shades. Drops Of Jade is a lighter shade, whereas Rain Forest Canopy is more of a dark emerald. They're each beautiful in their own way.

Again, Shooting Stars just sounds better than the US name, but maybe that's just me. Its obvious that these are on opposite sides of the blue spectrum. Blue Marks The Spot is a soft periwinkle, which is nice for Summer. Both are gorgeous, Blue Marks The Spot is a lot more sheer though.

I only did these two pairs because I felt the pinks were similar, the oranges didn't really interest me and you can't really have different black and white glitters. But if anyone notices that there are differences in the pinks, please let me know!