Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Polishes From Panama!

So one of my dear friends in Panama was kind enough to send me some polishes that were made there to try out! She sent me some beautiful colors and I decided of course, to post in shiny and matte.

The company name for this color (and the blue you'll see below) is called Paola. Esmeralda is a gorgeous chartreuse with a hint of gold shimmer. I absolutely adore it in shiny coat, it brings out the shimmer in it. Also, two coats for opacity!

With matte top coat it looks just as beautiful, but more velvety. 

The company of this color is Derosa, there wasn't a color name listed. Its a nice dark purple with a neon pop. I did three coats, just to get a suitable coverage. It reminded me a lot of Butter London Brummie, because it almost had that rubber finish.

The matte makes it a little more dusty, but its still a brilliant color!

Rombos is also by Paola. I have to say this is my favorite of the three. Its a gorgeous beetle blue with shimmer to match. Two coats for opacity and the formula is so smooth.

And this is why its my favorite, its just breath taking in matte. You can still see the lovely shimmer and it looks so velvety soft. Just perfect!

 These make me really want to figure out what other wonderful colors I must be missing out on!


  1. OMG do you have a friend in Panama? im from Panama and i have tons of Paola's they are the classic nail polish brand from Panama and they are cheap!

    This is a surprise, to see paolas on another blog than mine :D so cool.

    1. I looovee Paola nail polishes! Have you ever tried Sinful Colors? they are the same price and have amazing formula ! I got addicted to those but Paola will always be the first in my Panamanian heart! lol