Saturday, July 13, 2013

Maybelline Polka Dotted!

Hello again everyone! I am finally settled into my new place and am so ready to get back to blogging regularly. I have so many ideas and polishes to share with you and I cannot wait to get started!

First off I want to share these wonderful polishes a good friend of mine brought back from the UK for me! I believe they're also available in the US now as well, so definitely check them out.

Rain Forest Canopy is a gorgeous jade jelly base with black and white hex glitters in varying sizes. It took my two coats to get this mainly opaque. The formula is nice, the glitter isn't goopy at all. And with one coat of Seche Vite it went pretty smooth.

With a touch of matte coat it turns into a dusty jade that's just lovely!

Shooting Stars has black and white hexes in a fabulous deep blue jelly. Again, two coats for opacity and you get such great glitter coverage as well. 

I used Butter London matte top coat over it and it created a dusty blue night sky, just beautiful.

Speckled Pink is an exciting bubblegum pink jelly with black and white glitters sprinkled in! I really love how the pink jelly over black glitters makes them appear almost purple.

Now I'd have to say I prefer this one in a shiny top coat, but matte isn't all that bad!

Chalk Dust is just the black and white glitters in a clear base. If you prefer to pair it with your own color! I layered it on top of Butter London Brummie and just loved the combo.

I'd have to say I love this one in matte because it almost looks like I got speckled paint all over my nails. So cute!


  1. Wow! These are impressive polishes! Nice swatches, too

    1. Thank you! I think the polishes are just amazing. :)

  2. Do they have different colors in the UK and US? The ones we have are a brighter teal, orange, periwinkle, and hot pink, in addition to the clear base one. But our (US) clear one is called Clearly Spotted. Speckled Pink also looks like our Pretty in polka. Sad that they didn't release all the colors everwhere. I really like Shooting Stars.

    1. The first three I got from the UK. The clear base I found here, but went with the UK name for it. I saw the orange, but it didn't strike my fancy. I'll have to check the ones out here and compare them to the UK ones! :)