Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ciate Chalkboard Manicure!

I've been holding off on this set for awhile now, but I think its finally time to share! I found out about the chalkboard manicure set online and grabbed it while I was out and about. I tried it out before I had moved and it was a little frustrating at first.

I learned quickly that using a base coat is a major mistake, because it turns the black matte into what almost looks like crackle. You also have to get the paint pens ready before hand because if you press them into your nail, you will get polish dents! Another concern is that you may have to scrub really hard with water to get the chalk pens off your nails, if you made a mistake or want to try another look.

The set came with four different pens, pink being the brightest. I was a little impatient and put top coat over the white too soon, oops! And the yellow is not as solid as I'd like, but that's alright. Once you get the hang of the set, it becomes fairly easy!

I decided to try a kind of dot gradient with the white pen and really adore how it came out. It reminds me of a really dark, snowy night! I'll definitely be experimenting with this set in the future.


  1. i got this set too. but haven't tried it out.
    after reading your post, makes me wanna use it right now

  2. ooh!! Ill deff look for it once im in CA :3