Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats

 When I first saw these feather effect and fuzzy coat polishes I was a little skeptical. I wasn't sure they'd look good and I wasn't a big fan of bar glitter polishes. But when I made a stop at Target and saw them I decided to give them a shot and grabbed four colors that looked good to me.

Wool Knit is a light blue and white bar glitter. I decided to pair it with O.P.I What's With The Cattitude?, it only took one hefty coat to get pretty good coverage. The only thing that bothered me was getting bars that hang over your nail, making them spiky if you don't move it before it dries.

I wanted to see how many coats it would take to get all over coverage and make the fuzzy effect more noticeable. I love the look it gives off and the fact that it layers well is great.

Wool Lite is just a pastel pink bar glitter. I layered it over Butter London Fruit Machine for a little contrast. I got a few bubbles, but I didn't have much trouble with the other fuzzy coats.

Something about this being one color of glitter makes the fuzzy effect stand out a little better. Three coats was all it took and it almost looks like a tiny shag rug on my nails. Haha!

Fuzz-Sea is full of blue and yellow bar glitters. I tried a layer over Sinful Colors Unicorn, but the yellow glitter got a little lost in it. I still think it has a neat look to it though.

Three coats and now you can really see the yellow bars! I really like these two colors together, they compliment one another. I think next time I'd try this over a green and see how the three look together.

Tweedy is a black and white bar glitter and has to be my all time favorite of the collection. One coat over China Glaze Recycle and I'm in love. I'm a huge fan of black and white glitters.

Three coats and it almost looks like TV static on my nails. I absolutely adore this polish and can't wait to wear it out!

So all in all, even if you're not a fan of bar glitters, I would definitely give these fuzzy coats a try. You might find out that they're not so bad!