Friday, May 17, 2013

Glitter Gradient Tutorial

What you'll need!

* A base color.

* A glitter to do your gradient with.

* A solid color similar to the color of your glitter.

* A triangular make-up sponge.

For my base color I chose Zoya Gie Gie, which is a gorgeous pastel pink with silver shimmer. I got a few bubbles on my middle finger, but that'll smooth out with top coat.

First you want to take a tiny bit of your solid color and stipple it where you want your gradient to start. You don't want to get too much paint on the sponge or it'll just smear all over.

My gradient is from the top, so I placed Color Club Hydrangea Kiss on top. Its best to stipple a coat of the color, then wait a few minutes for it to dry a little. It prevents the next coat from coming up!

Once you've got your layer even, you get to start your gradient! I always do a color similar because it helps cut down on the coats of glitter.

Now take a little glitter on your sponge. Try to get more glitter than clear base coat, otherwise your gradient might start to get goopy.

Like with the similar color, do a coat first and let it sit for a few minutes. You want to try to fill in the empty spaces with glitter. Sometimes I try to specifically get the bigger glitter on my sponge to fill space faster.

Here you can see some empty spots, but they're so minor that you can get away with it!

After that I try to get the smaller glitter on my sponge to stipple it around the rest of the nail. 

Here's the finished product! All cleaned up and with shiny top coat. I absolutely love glitter gradients and found that once I got the hang of it, they became pretty easy. If you feel like you want to practice without having to remove the mess, try getting some nail art wheels from Sally's!

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