Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautifully Disney Versus Pt. 1

So awhile back I got the chance to grab Disney's new Beautifully Disney polishes. Each polish represented a princess and their villain counterpart. A friend of mine suggested that I try manicures using the princess and villains together! I went mad over the idea.

Looking For My Prince is a candy apple red for the original princess Snow White. I did a glitter gradient with Just One Bite for the Evil Queen. For some reason when I dabbed on the hot pink glitters some turned lavender! Unexpected, but it makes it simply gorgeous.

Ocean Mist is a fantastic green glass fleck for princess Ariel. And tried my very first half moon manicure! I used Diva Of The Deep for the half moon, which is Ursula's color. I think maybe reversing it would've looked better, but its pretty just the same!


  1. Great idea to pair the princess and the villain!

    1. Yeah, they made my job easy by making them so easy to pair! :D