Friday, April 19, 2013

Texture Compare

Textures are a big trend lately and I'm right on board with them! Some have glitter, some are meant to look like concrete but they're all fantastic on their own. In the photo above I have on Milani Purple Streak, O.P.I Can't Let Go and Zoya Stevie.

Milani Texture in Puprle Streak is a no frills polish. Its a dark purple with no glitter and reminds me of chunky concrete, but in a good way! You need about two coats to get opacity and the formula is really smooth.

Zoya Pixiedust in Stevie is the most subtle texture of the group. The color is really soft and its packed with silver glitters. It only takes two coats for opacity and once its dry its really soft to the touch.

O.P.I liquid sand in Can't Let Go bring more to the table than its texture. Its got all sizes of purple hex glitters in it and looks even better with top coat. Two coats for opacity and also pretty soft to the touch.


  1. How fun!!! I am really starting to get into these textures, I wasnt sure at first... but I think Im on board now. I will have to go pick up that Zoya!

    1. Yeah, I wasn't sure at first either, but they're so unique! And once I found out they're not as spiky as they look, they're really fun! :D