Monday, April 8, 2013

Color Club Fiesta Collection

I went shopping a few days ago and was lucky enough to stumble upon the new Color Club Fiesta collection! The colors are so vibrant and perfect for Spring.

Mamba is a spicy bright red. Two coats made a perfect opaque. I'm not too big on reds, but this one is a nice hot red and the name is just so fitting!

Flamingo is a nice bubblegum pink. Two coats for opaque. I really love the formula on these, I didn't think Color Club could improve it, but they seemed to have perfected it!

Sunrise Canyon is a neon yellow-green. I don't think I've come across a green this amazing! Two coats for opaque and it illuminates my nails. This is one of my favorites, its a stunning neon.

Wild Cactus is a deep blue-green. Two coats opacity. This is another unique color in this collection that I adore.  Its not as bright as the other colors, but its still a charming color.

Endless Summer is a beautiful neon dark blue. Two coats for opacity. This one reminds me of Essie Butler Please which I absolutely love. It seems lighter though and I like that. 

 On The Rocks is a sparkling silver. Another two coats for opacity. I think this silver is as close to chrome nails as you can get. Its a nice silver and reminds me of the sun beaming off of rocks.

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