Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Milani Textures

A lot of companies have started releasing their own textured polishes. I for one am really interested and have come to love textured polishes. I know they seem a little odd and you'd think they'd be rough or catch on everything, but it hasn't been that way for me. I recently saw Milani Textures and just had to grab a few.

Aqua Splash is a radiant neon turquoise. I did two coats, but I think it could've used three. The texture is a little chunky compared to other sand polishes, but I still like it.

Purple Streak is a bit of a darker purple, but still dazzling all the same. I'd say these are more like Nails. Inc Concrete polishes than any liquid sand polish, but they're still really nice. And the texture isn't as rough feeling as it looks.


  1. These look really awesome. I hope to be able to pick up a couple of them at some point.

    1. Yeah, I like that they're so unique from the other textures that have come out lately. :D