Friday, March 29, 2013

Disney Inspiration: Code 2319!

Monster's Inc. is a fantastic movie and everyone loves the Scream Team duo Mike & Sulley, but hardly anyone remembers poor George Sanderson. In a pleasant mood while doing his job, he runs into a Code 2319, he's been contaminated when a children's sock is stuck to his back. Immediately the CDA comes and strips him of his fur and probably dignity.

I thought I'd commemorate George before he became naked, so to speak. And you know I adore working with flocking powder any chance I get! This time I used China Glaze Happy Go Lucky and O.P.I Hi, Pumpkin! for underneath each line of flocking powder. And used white felt to cut out the little sock that caused all the trouble and painted it with a tiny red stripe. 

Hopefully George was able to grow his fur back!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Post: Beautifully Disney And China Glaze Comparison

When I first got Beautifully Disney Ocean Mist home I noticed that it looked a little similar to China Glaze Running In Circles. I had a friend ask me to do a comparison post, so here it is!

They're both astonishing green glass flecks, but its clear they're very different. Ocean Mist is definitely more of a peridot color, where as China Glaze is emerald. It also seems that the flecks in Ocean Mist are golden in color. I think they'd look really gorgeous paired together though!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Time Traveler Collection

If you're a Doctor Who fan like I am, then I know you're excited for its return in a few days! Once I saw this collection I just had to snatch it for myself. Its not only Doctor Who related, but its got some great colors! And of course, I decided to do this collection in matte top coat.

Bigger On The Inside is an amazing Tardis blue that has a great silvery shimmer to it. I really love this color in matte because it almost makes it look like a beautiful night sky, complete with little stars.

 Allons-y! Is a wonderful mix of  tiny silver, green and blue glitters. I did two coats over Sally Hansen Celeb City and it came out perfect. I love how there are two different blues, it really makes it pop!

When A Good Man Goes To War is a fiery red jelly with black and what looks like gold glitters. I specifically love the black glitters, they almost like like floating ashes.

Hello, Sweetie is a gorgeous purple jelly with red, black and orange glitters of every shape and size! I love the shade of purple and would've never imagined this color combo going so well.

Slow Invasion is a deep teal jelly with squares of different colors and sizes. This one has got to be one of my favorites, I'm a sucker for square glitters. That pop of fuchsia is a really nice touch!

Oodiful, which is a clever name, is a grey jelly with white and pink glitters. I layered it over China Glaze Pelican Gray, two coats was all I needed. I adore the pink squares, it really pulls everything together!

I also have to say that I was really impressed with Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food! None of these gorgeous polishes needed it, but if you have chunky glitters I highly suggest it! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sharing My Collection!

 So sometime last year I shared my work space with you all. If you'd like to see the huge difference between then and now, you can look back here. I thought I'd share with you how much of an obsession this has become, but in the best way possible! Not only has this become a hobby of mine, but its becoming a whole collection and although there are those who don't understand, I'm very proud of it.

My first acrylic polish rack consists mainly of indie polishes, which I absolutely love. Any chance I get I support indie companies and they make some gorgeous polishes! I also keep my Orly Flash Glam FX, Illamasqua, Lime Crime, Models Own and Nails Inc here as well.

I think Color Club has to be one of my favorites, I easily built a lot of my collection on finding cheap packs of them at places like Ross and TjMaxx. I really like to sort by collection, but near the end its randoms.

Underneath the Color Club rack is what wouldn't fit, hehe. Plus China Glaze and Finger Paints! Ending with my favorite flakie set.

And my last shelf consists of Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, O.P.I, Essie and Zoya. Its a bit hard to keep this one organized because I tend to keep adding more!

I keep a few drawers underneath my desk that hold what won't fit on shelves and my supplies. You'd be surprised just how many different nail accessories there are out there! The photo above contains my Ulta, Revlon, Sinful Colors, Orly, Nicole By O.P.I and randoms.

This drawer holds all the polish that wouldn't fit anywhere else, guess its time for a new rack! It also holds scissors for tape manicures, my nail art brushes, cotton pads, my acrylic liquid and other random accessories. The purple box in the corner is a three tier container full of more accessories.

Here it is open and there are so many things to fiddle with! Acrylic molds, glitter, flocking powder, hole punches, stamping tools, magnets, acrylic powder and wheels of gems! This is definitely my go to container for ideas and inspiration.

 I also have a set of smaller drawers. The drawer above holds drugstore and a few random polishes as well. Mainly Sally Hansen, Wet 'N Wild, NYC, Confetti and a few Milani.

The other drawer holds more accessories like more flocking powder, flakes, fimo sticks and caviar beads. I also keep my nail wheels, some mini polishes and make-up sponges for gradients. But its mainly full of top coats, base coats, matte coats and nail strengthener. 

Now comes the fun part! I have this shelf for specialty polishes and displays. The top layer has mini O.P.I sets, liquid sands, spotted and crackle. I have the Minnie Mouse collection in the front, but I keep the rest of my pinks/reds in the display as well. In the middle is the first Rainbow Honey collection I received for review, an Edge Of Glory set, Mari Moon and a China Glaze Up & Away Display. And finally I have my Candy Lacquer My Little Pony collection and a frame holding the fake MLP nails I did for a contest.

And finally my newest display for Disney's Beautifully Disney nail polish collection. I painted the shelf and frame recently with wicked green glitter spray paint to give it a more glamorous feel! Of course its a little scarce for now, but hopefully it'll be full someday.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautifully Disney: Wickedly Beautiful Pt. 2

So last weekend I was lucky enough to make a trip to Downtown Disney and get my hands on the rest of their lovely Wickedly Beautiful collection! Here are the four missing shades from the post a couple weeks ago.

Midnight Hour is a villainous blood red, its the color they decided on for Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. I wouldn't have expected this color, but I ended up really liking it! I used two coats to get it bloody and opaque.

Enchanted Kiss is a lovely princess pink for Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Two coats for perfect opacity! I think this would actually go well with Just One Bite from the collection.

Looking For My Prince is a delicious apple red for Snow White. Two coats, but sadly I got a little near my cuticles. I'm not really big on red, but they created two gorgeous ones.

Diva Of The Deep is a decadent shimmery purple for Ursula. This color didn't catch my eye in the bottle, but once I put it on it turned out to be marvelous! And it goes so well with its counter part, Ocean Mist.

Overall I'm really impressed with this collection that Disney released and I cannot wait for the upcoming collections!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Milani Textures

A lot of companies have started releasing their own textured polishes. I for one am really interested and have come to love textured polishes. I know they seem a little odd and you'd think they'd be rough or catch on everything, but it hasn't been that way for me. I recently saw Milani Textures and just had to grab a few.

Aqua Splash is a radiant neon turquoise. I did two coats, but I think it could've used three. The texture is a little chunky compared to other sand polishes, but I still like it.

Purple Streak is a bit of a darker purple, but still dazzling all the same. I'd say these are more like Nails. Inc Concrete polishes than any liquid sand polish, but they're still really nice. And the texture isn't as rough feeling as it looks.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

One of my favorite indie companies released a St. Paddy's Day polish! Rainbow Honey is only selling it until the end of March, so grab it quick! You can purchase it alone for $10 or get it free with an order of $50 or more.

Pot 'O Gil is full of gold shimmer, green hexes and gold circles. I absolutely the love the gold circles! I did two layers over Essie Mojito Madness and Essie Tart Deco for the accent nail. I'm not so sure about it over the orange, but the green looks so stunning!

And of course in matte, you can really see the shimmer put into this. Rainbow Honey never ceases to amaze me with her quality, astonishing polishes!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Illamasqua Imperfection Swatches

 Illamasqua came out with some great Spring pastels, but also incorporated glitter! I'm really loving this new trend of black glitters in creme bases. I was able to get three of their Imperfection line, I don't think I'll be picking up the yellow though.

Mottle is a minty green with black glitter. I really like the tiny hexes, I think without them it wouldn't look quite right. I did two coats on its own and got really good coverage.

With a matte topcoat it definitely reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream! 

Speckle is a gorgeous pastel purple with black glitter. Also two coats on its own, the formula is really nice. I think the black works really well with the purple.

I love how the matte top coat softens the purple even more!

Fragile is a delicate blue with black hexes. I did two coats, but maybe three would've been better because you can see at the tips its a little see-through. 

In matte its similar to a robin's egg, really astonishing!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beautifully Disney: Wickedly Beautiful Pt. 1

Firstly, apologies for my absence in the past few days. I've been running around busy and have been having internet troubles. But we're back on track now. And I've got some exciting swatches for you today! Disney has come out with their very own cosmetics line, as soon as I heard about it I ran to Downtown Disney and grabbed half of their polish line!

Off To The Ball is a beautiful, soft Cinderella blue. I did three coats over a clear base and it went on very smooth. Its really hard to find a pale blue that doesn't streak, but they've done it!

Just One Bite is a poisonous pink hex glitter. I did two coats over China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, which really brings out the colors of both. This glitter is so heavily packed, there was almost too much glitter!

Ocean Mist is a perfect mermaid tail green. In the bottle it looks so-so, but once you put it on its gorgeous! I'm usually not so into greens, but I fell in love with this one immediately.

Mistress Of Evil is a maleficent steel grey hex glitter. I did one coat over Butter London Brummie, one coat is really all you need. Its a little hard to find a color for this polish to bring out the grey, but it looks really nice over Brummie.

I absolutely love this collection so far. I have to get my nails on the other four right away. If there's anything that could combine its powers, its Disney and nail polish!