Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rainbow Honey Limited Editions!

So Rainbow Honey revealed that they had two special limited edition polishes they would be giving one out with each fifty dollar purchase. I decided to go a little crazy and saved up to get both of them. I wanted to share swatches of them with you all!

This is My Love, which is gorgeous iridescent glitter with pink and white hearts. I did two layers over Finger Paints Spun Sugar. With a shiny top coat I love how the glitter sparkles and the hearts are just too cute!

I also did a matte top coat to show you the detail of the glitters. Its still just as gorgeous!

And here is Dearly Beloved, golden glitter and flakes with red hearts and hexes. I layered it over Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier, which is a deep dark purple. It looks so regal with shiny top coat!

I adore it in matte though because you can really see the golden flakes. I did two layers which covered the hearts a little but, but it still looks beautiful.

Even though these were a little pricey, check Rainbow Honey out because they make simply magnificent, quality polishes. They have a lot of great collections that are available in full and mini sizes!

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