Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Are you a mint lover? Have you ever wondered what twelve different mints look like all together? Wonder no more! I had the crazy idea to gather all of my mint polishes and compare. So I present to you...


Let's start with the darker end of the mint spectrum. As you can see I took Zoya Wednesday, Ulta Mint Condition, NYC Mint Macaroon and Sinful Colors Mint Apple. Mint Apple is the only one with shimmer, so it gets a little boost from the others. I noticed that Mint Macaroon is a lot more blue than the others as well.

Ulta Mint Condition and Sinful Colors Mint Apple are almost exact in color. Mint Condition is slightly lighter and Mint Apple has shimmer. Both are really beautiful though, but all mints are beautiful!

Zoya Wednesday is a little darker and more green than NYC Mint Macaroon. I'm not sure why Mint Macaroon is blue in hue, but its still pretty. And I love Wednesday's creamy consistency!

Next is China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, Butter London Fiver, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Color Club Blue-Ming. I know you're thinking, "Blue-Ming" isn't really a mint, but it sure looks like it could be! 

Butter London Fiver is the softest mint I have ever seen, its so light. Color Club Blue-Ming may lean more towards a blue, but I still like to think it could be a mint. 

Its surprising how similar China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint and Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet are in color! It looks like Mint Sorbet is a tad darker. And Re-Fresh Mint even looks close to Butter London Fiver.

And last is Color Club New Bohemian, Nicole By O.P.I Alex By The Books, Wet 'N Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint and Revlon Minted. Now Revlon looks like it can be in competition with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. 

Alex By The Books is a new polish from Nicole By O.P.I's Modern Family collection and I was really impressed with it! Minted is a classic from Revlon and is a lot lighter than Alex By The Books.

It seems we have another match! Color Club New Bohemian and Wet 'N Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint are almost exact. Although New Bohemian looks just a teeny bit more green.

In the end, these are all really awesome mints! It may seem a bit excessive to have all of these mint polishes, but what can I say? Well...I can say that I'm polish obsessed! 


  1. Dang it! I was really hoping I wouldn't like Alex by the Books. Seeing it now, I realize my efforts to resist will be futile. I need to bookmark this page for gloomy days. Seeing all these mints in one place instantly made me smile :D

    1. It really is a nice mint. And yay mints! :D

  2. I love mint! This is an awesome way of showcasing them all, and will also be excellent evidence when anyone says, "But you already have that colour! They look the same!"

    I can turn around and go, "Ah-hah! But there are 12 shades of mint just in this one blog post. How can you deny me more polish?"

    Etc etc


    1. Hahaha, I love that! I can't tell you how many times my husband has said "Don't you have that color?" and I have to defend that its similar, but not the same. :)