Thursday, January 31, 2013

Up And Away In Matte!

I know this collection is old, but its been one of my favorites since I got into polish. I finally got the chance to get it and even the display! I got a request to do swatches, I knew they had been done before so I decided to do them in my favorite finish.


Happy Go Lucky is a bright sunshine yellow. Now I'm not a big fan of bright yellows, but I really like this one in matte!

High Hopes looks like an orange or a coral. Again, not a fan of orange either, but in matte I really grew to like it.

Sugar High is a nice bright pink. There's just something about the chalky look that matte has that makes me love everything in it!

Lemon Fizz is more of a pastel yellow, which I love about it. I'm a huge fan of pastel colors and this one is amazing.

Four Leaf Clover is a gorgeous green. I had this color before buying the collection and it is easily my favorite green.

Flyin' High is a beautiful sky blue, I even had an urge to add little clouds to it.

Light As Air is a creamy purple that looks beautiful in matte.

Grape Pop is an amazing purple that I wish I'd known about earlier, because its fantastic!

Re-Fresh Mint is a perfect mint. I just love mints!

Something Sweet is a nice soft pink that reminds me of those yummy almond candies!

Heli-Yum is a mix of red and pink that looks really pretty in matte.


  1. Re-Fresh Mint has been one of my favorite colors for the longest time, and it looks just wonderful matte. All the colors from this collection are amazing, they look just like candy.

    1. Yeah, I've always heard good things about Re-Fresh Mint and they're true. Its a gorgeous mint! You are totally right, they look scrumptious! :D

  2. Replies
    1. I'd totally say this was an essential collection for any polish lover. :D

  3. These look amazing matte!! Love it!