Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Butter London Spring 2013: Fiver, Fruit Machine And Molly Coddled

So as soon as I saw photos of this collection I needed it. I am a huge sucker for pastels, especially mint, purple and pink! I only bought three colors so far, but I feel like I picked the best ones!

First off is Fiver, its such a gentle mint and so gorgeous. It went opaque in two coats easily. I think its going to become one of my favorite mints.

Its just as beautiful in matte and looks deliciously creamy.

Fruit Machine is a cute bubble gum pink. Opaque in two coats. It reminds me a little of candy coating.

I really love matting things, as you can tell! It looks so decadent.

And finally Molly Coddled, which is a pretty lavender. For some reason it looks a little darker than it really is.

I'd have to say its my favorite in matte. I really love all these colors and can't wait to get the rest of this collection!

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