Friday, January 18, 2013

1Q32 Gel Polish Review

The people over at 1Q32 were nice enough to send me a sample of one of their colors and top coat. Its their new BabyQ gel  which you just apply and cure under a UV or LED light! I was excited to try it because I had just tried the whole Gelish program on my mom and it was a bit of a hassle for me.

There were so many steps in the process with Gelish, my head was spinning! Maybe it works for others, but I'm a beginner at gel and I just found it really complicated. Its much easier to just paint your nails more often.

So once you put the color on the only step afterward is to cure it under the UV or LED light. The time depends on which light you have and can be found on the side of their bottle!


I don't really think hot pinks on my skin tone look that good, but this color started to grow on me. This was without top coat, I had just put the color on. 

Taking it off was the easy part, you just put acetone on a cotton ball, place it on your nail, wrap your fingers in foil, let it sit for a few minutes and take it off! I only got my gel to last five days, but maybe I should stop flailing my arms around and banging things! Hopefully someone more calm and less clumsy can have better luck. All in all I really like this gel and will be looking into purchasing more in the future!

Check 1Q32 out for yourself!


  1. I got the polish shivers just looking at that goopy nightmare. Is polish shiver a thing? I'm making it one anyway lol. The pink looks lovely on you though!

  2. I reviewed this too. The top coat does settle in the bottle. If you shake it too, it helps. If you're interested in my post, I'll link you to it. I won't spam you though. =)

    1. Really? That makes me feel better about it then. Haha.

      Sure! I'm sure people interested in 1Q32 would love to see another review! :)

    2. Cool. I have 3 posts total on it:

  3. once i used gelcolor, i do not use anymore classic nailpolish :)))

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