Thursday, January 31, 2013

Up And Away In Matte!

I know this collection is old, but its been one of my favorites since I got into polish. I finally got the chance to get it and even the display! I got a request to do swatches, I knew they had been done before so I decided to do them in my favorite finish.


Happy Go Lucky is a bright sunshine yellow. Now I'm not a big fan of bright yellows, but I really like this one in matte!

High Hopes looks like an orange or a coral. Again, not a fan of orange either, but in matte I really grew to like it.

Sugar High is a nice bright pink. There's just something about the chalky look that matte has that makes me love everything in it!

Lemon Fizz is more of a pastel yellow, which I love about it. I'm a huge fan of pastel colors and this one is amazing.

Four Leaf Clover is a gorgeous green. I had this color before buying the collection and it is easily my favorite green.

Flyin' High is a beautiful sky blue, I even had an urge to add little clouds to it.

Light As Air is a creamy purple that looks beautiful in matte.

Grape Pop is an amazing purple that I wish I'd known about earlier, because its fantastic!

Re-Fresh Mint is a perfect mint. I just love mints!

Something Sweet is a nice soft pink that reminds me of those yummy almond candies!

Heli-Yum is a mix of red and pink that looks really pretty in matte.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Revlon Girly Swatches

 I had been hearing about this elusive polish from Revlon called Girly. When I looked up swatches it looked like a shimmery purple, but on deeper inspection it turned out to be a glitter. I absolutely love glitters, so I tracked it down and was able to find it on! 

Its a pink jelly base filled with purples, pinks and even fuchsia hexes of all sizes. If you look at it in the bottle there are so many glitters, you can barely see the pink base! I layered it over China Glaze Something Sweet, which is a pale pink, so you can see the jelly base add color.

Of course I had to see how it looked with a matte top coat! Its really gorgeous, brings out every glitter and they still sparkle. I was really impressed with this glitter, I didn't think Revlon would put anything like this out and am glad they did! 

And for a bonus, I thought I'd show you a manicure I wore last week! One of my go to colors for a quick daily manicure (Because I'm not one to go out with naked nails!) is Butter London All Hail The Queen, its a pretty nude with holo glitters. I had an idea to try a gradient with Cover Band Sticks 'N Stones, I really liked how it turned out. The sad part was even though I wrapped my tips the polish pulled back, sigh!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

O.P.I Liquid Sand!

When I first saw O.P.I Liquid Sand I was a little worried, but I really love working with textures so I had to try it! You'd think sand would be a coarse and unpleasant texture, but its actually soft to the touch.

Here's The Impossible from the Mariah Carey collection by O.P.I. Now I'll admit, on camera it doesn't look that great by itself.

It's really pretty with a shiny topcoat!

But I think it looks ravishing with a matte top coat. You can see a lot more of the detail!

I love the purple color of Can't Let Go from the same collection by O.P.I. 

Its absolutely gorgeous with shiny top coat though!

But you know me, I'm partial to matte every time. In this case it really brings out every little detail in this color, its just amazing.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flocking Powder Spots Tutorial!

So I've noticed that my Monster's Inc. nails have gotten really popular lately and a lot of people were wondering how exactly I did the flocking powder spots! So I decided to finally make a tutorial and show anyone who is interested!

First off you want to pick a base color that will be similar to the color of the flocking powder you'll be using for your background. You don't need a top coat here, so just let that color dry.

Then take a color similar to what color you'll be using for your flocking powder spots! Just make a spot of polish where you want your spots to be.

Here comes the messy part! I suggest using a bowl underneath your fingers, to catch any stray powder. Take the flocking powder and sprinkle it over the polish spot you just made. It needs to be wet, so don't let that spot dry! After you poured enough powder on top, gently press down to push the powder into the polish so that it'll stick.

I suggest doing one spot at a time, that way the polish doesn't dry and the powder will stick properly. Here you can see I'm making progress with my spots!

The next step is to take a clear polish and carefully put it around the spots you've made. I'd do little bits and pieces at a time, that way you can make sure to get any little spots you need to.

The pour the powder on top and press! You may need to do this more than once if you want it to be more fluffy. I wouldn't do it more than twice though.

Once you're done with that process you've got yourself some cuddly fuzz nails. I'd love to see any of your attempts and recreations of this, so please feel free to share!

Friday, January 18, 2013

1Q32 Gel Polish Review

The people over at 1Q32 were nice enough to send me a sample of one of their colors and top coat. Its their new BabyQ gel  which you just apply and cure under a UV or LED light! I was excited to try it because I had just tried the whole Gelish program on my mom and it was a bit of a hassle for me.

There were so many steps in the process with Gelish, my head was spinning! Maybe it works for others, but I'm a beginner at gel and I just found it really complicated. Its much easier to just paint your nails more often.

So once you put the color on the only step afterward is to cure it under the UV or LED light. The time depends on which light you have and can be found on the side of their bottle!


I don't really think hot pinks on my skin tone look that good, but this color started to grow on me. This was without top coat, I had just put the color on. 

Taking it off was the easy part, you just put acetone on a cotton ball, place it on your nail, wrap your fingers in foil, let it sit for a few minutes and take it off! I only got my gel to last five days, but maybe I should stop flailing my arms around and banging things! Hopefully someone more calm and less clumsy can have better luck. All in all I really like this gel and will be looking into purchasing more in the future!

Check 1Q32 out for yourself!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Butter London Spring 2013: Fiver, Fruit Machine And Molly Coddled

So as soon as I saw photos of this collection I needed it. I am a huge sucker for pastels, especially mint, purple and pink! I only bought three colors so far, but I feel like I picked the best ones!

First off is Fiver, its such a gentle mint and so gorgeous. It went opaque in two coats easily. I think its going to become one of my favorite mints.

Its just as beautiful in matte and looks deliciously creamy.

Fruit Machine is a cute bubble gum pink. Opaque in two coats. It reminds me a little of candy coating.

I really love matting things, as you can tell! It looks so decadent.

And finally Molly Coddled, which is a pretty lavender. For some reason it looks a little darker than it really is.

I'd have to say its my favorite in matte. I really love all these colors and can't wait to get the rest of this collection!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disney Inspiration: I Can Fix It!


To complete the trio of Wreck It Ralph nails, its finally time for Felix! He may be the hero in his own game, but he's not that star of this movie.  Felix is a good character though, funny and cute. Plus the Fix It Felix game is super addicting and fun.

These aren't as 3-D as the other two characters I did, but I still like how these turned out. Lots of blue for his outfit and used some ribbon for little things.

Sorry this photo is a little blurry, I'm still getting the hang of my new camera. A big part of his outfit is his utility belt which holds his golden hammer. I decided to use ribbon for the belt and thread for the stitches in his pants.

I decided to do my index nail as his folded up jeans. I used ribbon and more thread for the stitching. I think using the ribbon was a way to make the nails 3-D without going too crazy.

On his baseball cap there's a Fix It Felix logo! I used the Ziploc method of painting the logo on a baggie and peeling it off after it dried. It worked pretty well and I like how it turned out.

This nail has got to be my favorite of the set! I used a yellow base and painted a hammer head, using more ribbon for the handle. I did a sort of glitter gradient around the hammer and yellow bar glitter to emphasize its importance!

In the Fix It Felix game pies are his power up so to speak. So I thought I'd incorporate that as well. Its a pretty simple nail, but with all the others it looks great!