Friday, December 20, 2013

Rainbow Honey December Limited Editions

There's nothing I love more than Rainbow Honey's monthly polishes, they're a treat and something special to collect. The past two months she has definitely outdone herself with not one but three colors for November and December! And this month each color has a scented top coat you can pair it with!

Worth The Truffle is a gorgeous brown and gold glitter top coat. I only needed one coat over Color Club Earthy Angel, which I think really compliments the color of the glitters. Two coats of the Worth The Truffle top coat and my nails are smelling like deliciously sweet chocolate!

Candy Cane Gram is a beautiful red and white glitter with iridescent shimmer throughout. One layer over O.P.I Mod About You has this looking like peppermint goodness. Topped with two coats of the Candy Cane Gram top coat has me convinced that my nails are candy canes!

Don't Gingersnap At Me is an amazing golden and bronze mix of glitters of all shapes and sizes. You can almost see the hidden iridescent square glitters. One coat on top of Lime Crime Milky Ways has this looking just scrumptious! Two coats of the Don't Gingersnap At Me top coat and the aroma is warm, spicy gingerbread. Yum!

Be sure to pick up your favorites before its too late! They'll be available until January, in pairs, separately or you can get all six in a set. Available on!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Post: Orly Matte Flake Top Coats!

So I picked these up awhile back and decided to finally try them out. Orly not only decided to release two flakie top coats, but made them matte! I swatched them quickly over Sally Hansen Black Out so that the colors would show through nicely.

Green Flakie Top Coat is jam packed with shades of blue flakes. I used two coats, it gets really nice coverage. I didn't use a top coat over it, so you can see how well the matte effect works. The flakes are a nice size and aren't too thick, making them easy to layer.

Pink Flakie Top Coat has a variety of colors and shades of flakes. Two coats of this has a little less coverage than the Green Flakie, but its still a beautiful color. The flakes also seems to be a bit smaller in this color, but just as easy to handle.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sinful Colors Holiday!

With the holidays drawing closer, its time to get those manicures glimmering, bright and full of cheer! I spotted some of Sinful Colors new holiday colors and decided to pick a few to share with you all. These shimmering glitter top coats are perfect for any holiday event!

Silver Belle is a sheer, creamy white base with silver shimmer and hex glitters. I used one layer over Sally Hansen White On and got very nice coverage and glitter distribution. I'm sure if you pair it with a light blue, you'll get a beautiful winter look!

Gilded is a sandy tan shimmer with red hex glitters. I decided to use Color Club Antiqued as a base color, it matches the shimmer pretty well! Two coats gets you some really nice coverage. Another option would be to pair this with a forest green, to bring out the shimmer.

Holiday Rebel is a jolly clear glitter topper. Complete with red, green and silver hex glitters of varying sizes. One coat over Rainbow Honey Gilded Angel was all it took to get amazing glitter coverage. I was a little worried about the silver and gold clashing, but I really like the combination!

Unwrap Me is another clear glitter topper with red and black hex glitters of all sizes. I absolutely love this color over China Glaze Running In Circles and it only took one coat. This would probably go great over a gold as well!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Fruits & Florals

Its finally time for the second installment of my Revlon Parfumerie swatches! So far I believe these are the best scented polishes out there right now. The scents and colors are amazing and I hope they plan on releasing more soon!

Wild Violets is a rich dark purple with a subtle shimmer to it. Easily opaque in two coats and a very smooth formula. The scent is a sweet lavender, not overwhelming at all.

Pink Pineapple is a nice pastel creme. It is a bit sheer, so it takes a good four coats for opacity. The scent is spot on pineapple! Its a bit more sugary than you'd expect, but its still a delightful scent.

Apricot Nectar is a pretty orange with a touch of pink. Smooth and opaque in just two coats. This scent wasn't apricot, but more of an orange gummy candy scent. Still smelled delicious though!

African Tea Rose is a gorgeous bright pink, almost a raspberry. This one was a bit thin, but three coats made it perfectly opaque. The scent is definitely rosey, very sweet and lovely.

Ginger Melon is a tangy hot pink, with a bit of an orange tone. The scent is similar to Apricot Nectar, more of a citrus smell, but still like gummy candy. Yum!

China Flower is a classic bright red. Its a bit sheer, but three coats is nice for opacity. The scent of this one is tough to tell, its a strong one though. Very earthy, almost like a type of incense.

Be sure to check back for the third and last installment!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Getting In The Holiday Spirit!

 Its that time of year again! The holidays are fast approaching and I've been getting in the spirit lately. I wish I had gotten a picture of my Thanksgiving nails, they were Revlon Parfumerie Bordeaux topped with Rainbow Honey Linger. Not only was it a really beautiful combo, but my nails smelled like cranberry all day!

When I first saw Rainbow Honey Phoenix Down, I immediately wanted to use it for a Christmas manicure. I did one layer over Sephora By O.P.I I Come In Peas and it looks like festive confetti! For a cute accent I decided to use Beautifully Disney Looking For My Prince as a base and striped Color Club Gingerbread Man down and across. I wanted it to look like a present, so I painted an acrylic bow to match! 

This is last week's manicure, I wanted a simple polka dot. Apparently I'm not done wearing Autumn Spice with everything I own and decided it would be a great pair with Color Club Gingerbread Man. They smelled AMAZING together, like Christmas an Autumn all wrapped up in one!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Quick Post: Deborah Lippmann Vs. Revlon

I've heard a lot of hype lately about Revlon Wintermint being a dupe for Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream. I figured since I have both, why not compare them! Of course Wintermint gets a few extra points from me because it smells so good.

At first sight its pretty clear that Revlon has a lot less dark blue metallic glitter. The base colors are similar, Wintermint is a touch lighter, but less sheer than Mermaid's Dream. It also looks like Mermaid's Dream has a lot more shimmer than Wintermint. If you're going for overall look, I'd go with Mermaid's Dream, but if you love scented polish than its definitely Wintermint!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Five Favorites For Fall!

Its my favorite season of all time and although I'm super sick right now, I wanted to continue with posts. So here's a short list of my favorite polishes to wear this season! Now in my opinion you can wear whatever color you want, whenever, but these are my Fall go-to colors.

Zoya Pixie Dust in London, a nice gloomy grey with silver glitter and a soft sandy texture. Its a nice darker color without being too dark and since it has a texture in it, it tends to dry quicker.

Rainbow Honey Kitsune is an gorgeous tan creme with orange, brown and gold glitters. This is a constant Fall favorite of mine because the colors are perfect and I'm obsessed with tan polish shades.

Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice is a chocolate brown with golden and orange glass flecks in it. A new favorite of mine because I love the rich color and it smells amazing! No joke, it smells like warm spiced pumpkin bread. Mmmmm!

Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra In The Park is an elegant black creme with golden hexes of all sizes. I'm in love with black and gold color combinations and this has everything in one! Its a great color for Fall, but also for the holidays.

Beautifully Disney Let Your Hair Down is a fantastic bright raspberry jelly. I know usually for Fall everyone wears darker colors, but I absolutely love this color. I love wearing it by itself or even making a jelly sandwich with it!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Sweets & Spices

Revlon recently released a whole new line of scented polishes called Parfumerie. I absolutely love scented polishes, but they're usually hit or miss, these are definitely a hit though! The bottles are adorable and even look like they could be perfume. Don't worry if you have yet to get your hands on these, this line is permanent! There will be a total of twenty-four colors, there are nineteen out right now and I'll be doing a three part swatch post.

Moonlit Woods is a beautiful metallic lavender. Its a little bit sheer, so I did three coats for opacity. The scent is much more floral than woodsy to me, the good thing is that its not overwhelming. Personally I prefer the color over the scent, but that's just my nose. 

Spun Sugar is a creamy metallic silver, two coats for opacity. The scent for this color isn't really sugary for me, its more of a musky sweet tone. Its a bit overwhelming at first, but then it gets nice and subtle.

Autumn Spice is a dark brown with gold and copper glass flecks. This is my absolute favorite out of the entire collection, I'm always recommending it to my friends. A perfect color and scent for Autumn in only two coats! It smells like pumpkin bread and spices, just heavenly.

Chocolate Truffle is a gorgeous dark chocolate brown. Opaque in two coats and the scent is delightfully strong. Its a very sweet chocolate scent that you can smell immediately, its just awesome.

Bordeaux is a lovely dark red color that is opaque in two coats. I've heard others say it smells like wine, but to me it smells more like cranberry juice. Its very sweet and I really like the rich red color it has.

Beachy is a bright shimmery metallic gold, two coats for opacity. The scent is really warm, it does smell like the beach, but also a little like sun tan lotion. Not a bad smell at all, if I do say so myself!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Studly Manicures For Fall!

 A few weeks ago I ordered a few wheels of nail studs, so I could try out some edgy and elegant manicures. I also absolutely adore 3D type manicures that have some texture, so these are perfect for subtle texture. I was really excited when I got them in the mail and decided to try some looks and share them with you!

The first thing I wanted to try out with China Glaze Midtown Magic was polka dots. I'm a huge fan of polka dots and thought these gold circle studs would be perfect! I really like the contrast of colors that this look created, I think if I tried this look again though I would use smaller circle studs.

I usually lean towards silver more than gold, so I decided to try a look with some square and almond shaped studs. I also wanted to swatch the new L'Oreal textured polish I bought yesterday, its called Hidden Gems! Again, I would probably use smaller square studs if I did this look again, but I do really like the flower shape the three almond studs created.

And for the last look I layered Sally Hansen Spark In The Dark over Nicole By O.P.I Keep It Real, which is a really nice combo that I would totally wear again! I haven't ever used heart shaped studs before, so I decided to add them near my cuticles. This has to be my favorite of the three, probably because it reminds me so much of the Queen Of Hearts!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Butter London Backstage Basics Nail Art Tool Kit Review

Its not everyday you see a popular lacquer company putting out nail art tool sets, so when I found out that Butter London had released one I was really interested to see what quality they would turn out to be. The kit, which you'll see has a tin and three tools is 18$ from the Butter London website.

The first thing I failed to realize was that this "to-go" kit wasn't kidding! Opening the box revealed this teeny tiny cardboard cover with the logo and if you take it apart there are two tutorials inside.

The tin is plain and very thin, so you can just pop it in a purse or luggage, for those snazzy vacation manicures. A plus side about the tin being plain is you can get creative and decorate it yourself!

The brushes are very tiny and compact, which leaves extra room in the tin. I'm sure you could find a mini nail file to pop in there, or even some small nail art accessories! All three brushes came in little plastic wrappers and the striping brush has a protective round cover.

Here you can get an idea of how small the brushes are. I think they look very sleek in black, with the white logo printed on each.

 I decided to do a little demo with the tools. Using the clean-up brush for the edges. Please forgive my poor cuticles, they need some care. I used the dotting tool and striping brush for different designs. Obviously lines are not my strongest nail art skill.

Although small in size, the clean-up brush is very precise in creating clean lines around the nail. It seems a little odd to be holding a brush that's so small, but I got used to it quickly. Being the neat person I am though, I'm afraid to use this brush with darker colors since the bristles are white.

The brush itself is quite a bit shorter than a standard striping brush. I'm usually terrible at straight stripes on my own, but whether it was this brush or the polish I used, I just couldn't get my lines to cooperate. I think this brush might be better suited for non-detailed art rather than stripes.

Its usually not hard to find a working dotting tool and this one works just fine. Its nice to have such a difference in size between the two ends and is a really ideal size for travel. I absolutely love dotting tools, they're the easiest way to add some art to your manicure!

Overall I think this kit is pretty nice, I will definitely be using it for travel manicures and will be adding a small nail file as well. The only things that disappointed me was just how mini the brushes turned out to be and the fact that the bristles on the striping brush are so short. But don't let that stop you from buying this kit, because its really nice quality and so cute!